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Monday, August 23, 2010


This was a very fruitful nail polish weekend!  Purchased my first Nubars and found two OPI DS's to add to my collection.  Which brings me to my NOTD:

OPI DS Royal with Kleancolor Chrome on ring finger.  Chrome (on ring finger) was a beautiful gift from one of my MUA NBer (Makeupalley Nailboarder) buddies, faerieberry, she noticed it wasn't in my collection and wahlah there it was.

DS Royal puts me in the mind of the many glass-flecked colors in the market today, of which, Sally Hansen has contributed the most.  

Not sure if this will be the first and last time I wear this color, as it is definitely not one of my favorites DS's and with space being limited this might have to be one that I let go... :(

My haul consisted of five Nubar's: Prize, Gem, Jewel, Iris Dust and 2010; I also picked up Essie Sew Psyched. And later the same day came across OPI DS Glow along with Precision After Dinner Mints.  Today I found the nail polish shown in the picture (OPI DS Royal).  I really thought I was going to love this one, but, not so much...


  1. I love it on you! I have to check to see if I have it. Don't think so. Love the kleancolor too! :)

  2. You've got beautiful nails! I love how you paired those two colors together. Pink & purple mixed (borrowing the term from kittyje11) w/ periwinkle or blurple shades together always makes me happy. Royal is one of my bigger lemmings. I seem to prefer the non-holo choices from the Designer Series, like Glow, so I'm really looking forward to DS Magic!

  3. @rmcandlelight - Thanks so much! I will be doing a "close-up" on HandsDown really soon...

    @faerieberry - TY! My nails are definitely a work-in-process, but I'm enjoying the journey and this mani was a total layering experiment, ttys.

  4. Me likey! And if you happen to change your mind again about that DS, just remember you don't have to pay shipping and handling to "send" it to me (giggle). Wait, I don't need any more polish! Disregard!!

  5. @ABOP - Thankey! Oh and no need to have "another bottle of polish" that's what swaps are for - one in, one out (lol)... We do need to coordinate a swap one of these days.


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