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Sunday, October 17, 2010

NAIL REWIND: Orly - Royal Navy

Orly Royal Navy is such a pretty color that I just had to revisit it!  I wore this color to one of the last Dodger games of the season and they won...  It was fun and a perfect match for the occasion - I felt very, very well-polished that evening.

This is two coats with one coat of SH Mega Shine.  I just love the turquoise shimmer in this.  I've yet to see a comparison posted about this color, however, the shimmer has been compared to Pure Ice's Heartbreaker which can be layered over to intensify its brilliance.

This is definitely a jelly and if you take a close look at the pic you will see "vnl", the dreaded visible nail line (lol), however, that's the beauty of a jelly - the utter sheerness of it all!  And in a vibrant blue, this color is to die for. For me, this nail color pretty much stands alone.

Do you own this color?  Have you seen any comps out there? What are your thoughts - would love to hear from you!


  1. ohh this color is so in your face and fun

  2. I don't own this, but I want this one so bad! It's so pretty!

  3. I don't have this one but it looks fabulous on you. As you know, I haven't been too successful at not buying more polish (I even eventually picked up Almondine), so I'm resisting the urge to go out and grab this now - plus it will be cheaper downtown. :)

  4. @Toesthattwinkle! - In yo' face is right (lol); it's an extremely vivid blue. Glad you like it!

    @Lois - Isn't it nice. TY...

    @ABOP - Almondine - yay! Hopefully for dirt-cheap @ Rite Aid. Anyway, that's what it's all about right, Another Bottle of Polish (lol)...

  5. this is so pretty!
    some day i'll get it. *swoonin*

  6. This is one of my favorite blues!!!


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