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Monday, October 18, 2010

"Extend-a-Mani" SH Hidden Treasure/Nubar Iris Dust/Misa Earthward

I wanted a quick change so decided to do an "Extend-a-Mani"...  This is an interesting mix.  My previous look was Misa Earthward and since Nubar's Iris Dust is sheer like water, I layered it over along with Hidden Treasure.  

So to string it all together, if you go earthward, through the iris dust, you will find your hidden treasure.  Have a well-polished afternoon, ya'll!


  1. I love this! its so intresting! I really want hidden treasure!

  2. @1xellus1 - Thanks :)

    @Toesthattwinkle! - Hidden Treasure is a must have...

  3. @ABOP - Thanks! This mani lasted all of one day before I changed it to DS Glamour. It was time :)


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