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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Finger Paints - Autumn Blaze (11/3/2010)

In this lighting a blue/magenta flash
is very visible :)
I'm a sucker for colors like this.  Finger Paints Autumn Blaze is special for its beautiful shimmer and blue/magenta flash.  These pics show the subtle differences. 

It looks different in many lights.  This Look: 1 coat each of base and topcoats and 2 coats of Autumn Blaze.  

Here's the magenta flash w/ burgundy hue
This color was one of the Limited Edition shades from Sally's Beauty Supply.  Funny thing is I purchased this one twice!  Once at full price and the other once it went on clearance.  I was almost certain that I didn't have this one in my collection and then when I got it home, I was a bit bummed.  

Shows a darker hue, here
(looks like this most of the time).
Off to the swap-box it goes...  Speaking of swaps, within the next few weeks ago, I plan to set-up swap tab on my page for all of my unintentional dupes and unloveds to find a good home.

Take care now, my well-polished lovelies and see you around the web!


  1. this is so pretty! cant wait to see what you have to swap!

  2. I loved it!!! I am thinking about doing some swaps too! Especially with some Brazilian polishes I have and am probably going to buy in about a month when I go there for the holidays!

  3. Gorgeous! Lol on buying it twice, I've done that so many times. Setting up a swap page is a great idea.


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