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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Savina - Purple Confetti (11/18/2010)

Can you say, "party over here, party over there!"?  Savina's Purple Confetti is literally a PARTY IN A BOTTLE!!!  Pictures don't really show the depth of this color but here goes it...

Color Description:  Though this color has "purple" in its name, it's actually a magenta or raspberry and it's a JELLY!  A raspberry jelly with holographic glitter reflecting, gold, blue, red - every glitter color in the rainbow.

Price Point:  This nail lacquer can be found at Nordstrom Rack and only costs $3.97 before tax.  For this price you get so much bang for your buck.  I mean, bang, like firecracker bang!  Absolutely beautiful...

Similar to:  Even though I haven't seen a magenta/raspberry jelly with holo glitter on the market, Purple Confetti, is very similar to it's red counterparts Ulta's Bombshell and Massini's Slammin' Red.  Also, it's blue equal was a Finger Paints sold at Sally's called Sapphire Shimmer (another delicious jelly with holo glitter).

This Look:  1 coat of Starting Over After Artificials, 2 Coats of Purple Confetti, and 1 coat of Sherani Tufcoat.

Thanks for stopping by and if you live near a Nordstrom Rack, this color is still readily available.  Hope this post was helpful and found you well-polished!
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