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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Orly Pure Porcelain (Spring/Summer 2011 - Precious Collection)

lighting: Light Box
(true color)
lighting: Window
Color Description:  The fairest pink of them all, Pure Porcelain, is a very milky barely pink creme with a hint of lavender for added interest and appeal.  This is the exact same color of calamine lotion - no joke!  I actually opened up my bottle to verify my suspicions and wah-lah, you have Pure Porcelain.

Similar To:  Lately I've been striking out on comparisons but today I think I found a very similar color from Sally Hansen Hard As Nails - Lilac (the bottle pics tell the whole story).  I saw this color on a friend a while back and was in love!  However, whereas Pure Porcelain is a creme, Lilac has a slight iridescence to it and is less opaque.  Just gorgeous!

Price Point/Availability:  
Pure Porcelain from Orly's Precious Collection is now available at retailers in-store and online for $7.50.  Sally Hansen's Lilac retails for $2.50 and I purchased mine from CVS on clearance (75% off) last week.

This Look:  2 coats of Pure Porcelain (w/ no base) and one coat of Sherani Tufcoat Plus.

lighting: Incandescent Bulb
shows a bit more pink :)
Thanks for checking out the very delicate and beautiful Pure Porcelain and please let me know if you plan on picking this one up.  Would love to hear from a few of you well-polished peeps!
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