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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ulta Salon Formula - Limelight (01/24/2012)

Light Box w/ OTT (daylight) lighting
Good Afternoon All!  Today my nails are inspired by the lovely blogger, Wig Wam, who so nicely named me in her favorite 15 Versatile Bloggers!  Please click on the green award to the right to check out her post and the others that she's selected.  

I am so happy to get this because I don't do a lot of designs and never do konading (which some would consider versatile), but what I do ♥ to concentrate on is beautiful color - vivid, saturated, intense, soft, mysterious, you name it color's the name of the game for me.  That's how I keep things ever changing...

So I thought I'd do a beautiful green that is similar in hue to the Versatile Blogger Award which brings us to Ulta's Limelight's review:

Color Description: Limelight is more of a fresh leaf green which would be great for the Spring. It's a unique color that's not shocking in any way.

Incandescent Lighting
Similar To:  This color has been compared as a dupe to OPI's Green-wich Village by Noelie (click to see post here). Very close indeed!  Other than that not sure what else to compare it to.

This Look: Two coats of OPI Acrylic Nail Base Coat (I have it so I said I might as well us it!), three coats of Limelight and one coat of Shine & Hold.

Price Point/Availability:  I purchased this a year or so ago at Ulta and since then they've changed the packaging but the price still retails for about $5 and they're always running a bogo of some sort (i.e. buy 2 get 2 free, etc.).

So now I'm off to compile my list of 15 ladies for this award...  The versatile blogger post will be coming soon!

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