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Friday, December 17, 2010

NYX Girls - Mushroom Glitter (12/17/2010)

NYX - Mushroom Glitter
This polish reminds me of that Pillow Pet Commercial Jingle: ♪♫ "It's a glit-ter, it's a foil, it's a glitter-foil!" ♪♫

Color Description: NYX Girls Mushroom Glitter is so fine it's almost a foil.  Everything but the shine on this glitter is soft from the light pale gold almost platinum coloring, to the superfine glitter - it's just breathtaking and the shine is out of this world.

Price Point: This is a super inexpensive nail polish that runs about $3.00 retail and can be purchased at I found this at a local beauty supply.

Similar To:  This reminds me of Orly's Gold Luxe, however, it's a much more subtle gold leaning towards taupe with very little yellow in it, whereas, Luxe is very yellow and a bit more brash.

This Look:  One coat of Starting Over After Artificials, 3 coats of Mushroom Glitter, and one coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine.  This was one smooth glitter and was topcoat optional for both the texture and the shine but to be on the safe side and because as with foils and glitters, they stay dentable for a long time, I made sure to top it off with a quick dry.

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