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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

OPI - DS Mystery (12/21/2010)

This color is crazy-beautiful.  And yes, it's a mystery...  Is it black, is it blue, is it a creme or a glitter?  It's all of the above.

Color Description:  Mystery has been described by OPI as, "an alluring dark violet diamond sparkle."  My take on it is an inky indigo with fine dark gold glitter that to the normal eye would look black.

Price Point:  OPI's Designer Series boasts of having diamond dust in the formula, which brings the price tag up quite a bit to $12.50 per bottle.  OPI says that this collection, "is reserved only for the privileged few who recognize its elegance, its special allure and its rare beauty."  I think anyone reading this blog fits this description! :)

Similar To:  I have nothing that is an absolute dupe of Mystery, however, a few similarities lie in Sally Hansen Midnight in NY (black base with fine gold glitter) or NYX's Collection Noir.  Comparisons have been made to Avon Golden Twilight and China Glaze's Wagon Trail and though they are similar, they lean towards brown, in my opinion, which Mystery is definitely not.

This Look:  One coat of DS Mystery layered over my my previous platinum gold mani, with one coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine to top things off.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  What are your favorite DS's?  Would love to hear from you "privileged few" (lol) well-polished beauties.  Have a great day. :)
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