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Friday, December 31, 2010

Chanel Riva/China Glaze Moody Blue Dupe...

pic: direct lamp light
Well, this quick and dirty mani was inspired by China Glaze's Moody Blue, the "Chanel Riva dupe" mentioned on Lacquerized.  I found Moody Blue yesterday while nail polish shopping with a fellow MUAer "faerieberry".  

Color Description:  This color has been described as a "pretty eggshell blue... the perfect shade of blue for your next exotic vacation."  And I'd have to agree.  Very pretty light blue but both Moody Blue and this one are very sheer and a pain to apply.

ChG Moody Blue/Unnamed Lacquer
Price Point:  This is a huge (1 oz.) unnamed lacquer that I picked up at a really old beauty supply Downtown L.A. for $1.00.

Similar To:  I swatched the unnamed light blue and China Glaze's Moody Blue on one hand, alternating fingers and couldn't tell the difference.  Then I decided to take it all off and just wear the unnamed polish, since I had this one first.  So, I guess that means that this unnamed polish is a Chanel Riva dupe, as well. (p.s. bottle pics look slightly  different but on nail, they're just about the same)

pic: w/ lightbox
This Look:  Because this is a Q&D mani, I have on only 4 coats of the unnamed light blue. Oh, and don't "look" too close - I called it a quick and dirty mani for a reason (lol).

Thanks so much for stopping by my well-polished ones and have an awesome weekend!

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