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Monday, January 3, 2011

China Glaze - Ahoy! (01/03/2011)

Hi Everyone!  Just wanted to show off this beauty which is my current NOTD:  Ahoy! from China Glaze's upcoming Anchors Away - Sail in Colour Collection for Spring 2011.  This is the only one that I own but I plan on picking up a few more in the very near future.  :)

This Look: One coat of Starting over After Artificials, two coats of Ahoy! and one coat of Shine and Hold topcoat (topcoat created by my local beauty supply ♥).
Color DescriptionAhoy! has a gorgeous red/raspberry finish with golden flecks. It's unusual yet similar all at the same time.  I definitely have that, "Haven't I seen you before feeling."  And here's why...

Similar To:  Ahoy! is very similar to at least two others in my collection, Milani's Photo Flash and OPI's Ali's Big Break.  In the swatch pic to the right you have (top to bottom): Photo Flash, Ahoy! and Ali's Big Break...   

They look nothing alike in the bottles but boy oh boy when you swatch them do they look the same.  Of these, though I've never worn OPI ABB, she's the winner of the bunch and China Glaze's Ahoy! is coming in at a close second.

Price Point: These will hit retailers in the Spring and will be going for about $6.00 each.  Definitely worth the money if you don't have any of the ones above.

Well, that it and that's all well-polished folks!
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