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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Finger Paints - Asylum over Revlon Fearless (12/27/2011)

Asylum [əˈsaɪləm] n.  An institution for the shelter, treatment, or confinement of individuals, esp. a mental hospital (formerly termed lunatic asylum). - The Free Dictionary (online)

Finger Paints Asylum will have you questioning your sanity it's so beautiful and I'm also glad that Finger Paints has brought a few more unique flakie formulations to the general population.  "Hidden Treasure" (Sally Hansen) is so "2010" (Nubar) - LOL!!!

All jokes aside, what I mean is that these type of multi-colored flakies (see FingerPaints ad below) are usually a bit more pricey and available online only - this is not the case with Finger Paints.  Plus, I'm not a fan of buying polish online when I'm literally swimming in nail polish in my local area.  Now that my mini-rant is done, on to the review...

Color Description: Asylum is a mix of purple, orange and yellow flakies suspended in a clear milky base and will amplify the look of medium to dark lacquers.  It may get lost on pastels or paler colors.  My red combo is showing peeks of color for a more subtle look but to really show this line off you'll need to go much darker, if not black.

Similar To: A combination of Nfu Oh #56 & #43, but I doubt there's anything on the market right now that has these colors all mixed up like Asylum.

This Look: Two coats of Asylum over my previous mani with a coat of Shine & Hold for a nice shiny quick-dry.

Price Point/Availability: These will be available at your local Sally's Beauty Supply come January 1st, 2011.  I just asked if they had them, they did and I purchased two on sale for $4.99 (regular $5.49, I believe).  I'm hoping for these to be placed in Finger Paints core line but know today's marketing strategies, they will more than likely be "Limited Edition".

I can truly say that Asylum and Twisted are my favorite lacquers of 2011 (even though they're not to be officially released until 2012).

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