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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Revlon - Fearless (12/24/2011)

I spotted this new Revlon at CVS this weekend and fell in absolute love all over again.  I keep falling for these colors and just convince myself when I'm in the check-out line that it's slightly different from the the four or five other brands that I have at home.  

You do have to be very careful with Revlon color choices, though, because they have been known to rename and recently repackage the same color and sell it as new.  How Tricky!

Color Description: Fearless is a gorgeous orange-red creme that can almost be jelly-like, but not quite.  It is bright, thus the name but I find it to be very wearable and this shade always garners lots of compliments.

Similar To:  Let me count the ways (cough, cough)! Let's just say that a few in my collection are similar... Click here for my orange-red collection.

This Look: One coat of Nutra Nail Touch of Color Nail Strenghtener, one coat of Instant Artificials, two coats of Revlon Fearless and one coat of Shine & Hold. Great application that gives a flawless finish.

Price Point/Availability: This lacquer is $4.99 and was found at CVS in a new freestanding display toward the front of the store.  Be careful, there's a dupe of Perplex in this collection called Naughty (do not be fooled, like me - lol).

Thanks for checking me out today!  I can't wait to try the new flakies at Sally's later on.  Picked up Asylum and Twisted - crazy names but beautiful effects. :)
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