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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Debbilia - #51 (Chartreuse)

Incandescent Lighting
Another popular color this season is chartreuse and although some say it's a difficult to wear, I feel daring, bold and will be wearing this with a suit the exact same color later on today at a special event. 

Color Description:  Debbilia #51 is a very regal and interesting color.  It is a  chartreuse or lime green shimmer with gold and pink undertones - stunning.  

Similar To: Looks extremely similar to OPI Simply Smashing from Serena's line.  It also puts me in the mind of OPI Who The Shrek Are You or Fingerpaint's Lucky in Love Lime, however, the finish is totally different.  Not sure if there's anything out there exactly like this - I haven't seen it, at least.

This Look: One coat of Miss Marion's White Super Basecoat, two coats of #51 and one coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine.

Price Point/Availability:  I picked this up at the Debbilia beauty supply store that is no longer open.  I went back one day and it was GONE.  I think this cost me all of $1...  I tried to google it and the old address comes up *iz sad*.

Thanks for reading my jibber-jabber and hope you like this color.  If anyone knows another color like this on the market, please leave your comment below.  Also, what do you think about this?  Is it too bright for you or would you totally rock this?  Let me know!
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