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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kleancolor Crack - Green Crackle (5/4/2011)

Left Hand
The market has been flooded with all sorts for crackle collections for every budget and I wanted to try a few colors from the Kleancolor Crack line, so I picked up Green Crackle, Red Crackle, Brown Crackle and Purple Crackle.  

Color Description:  Green crackle is deep green like the color of school bus seats in the 80's - lol!  Oh and the crackle pattern reminds me of a tortoise shell.

Similar To:  Is there another green crackle on the market yet?  If you know of one please fill me in, but for now I know of nothing similar.

Right Hand
This Look:  Two coats of Miss Marion's Super Base (white), one coat of Green Crackle, and one coat of Z Super Fast Dry topcoat.  Please note that a good base is imperative.  I painted my bare nail and 1st it didn't crackle and second, as I was blowing it dry, it literally blew off my nails like powder.  So, strange!

As you can see from my pics, the left hand (thin layer) crackled a finer than my right hand (thick layer).  I prefer the look of the right hand, myself. 

Price Point/Availability:  I believe these were released within the last week, or so, however, they are not available online yet but will retail for $3.99 (+ tax) with a whopping $8.00 for shipping.  So if you can find these in a local beauty supply that's your best bet; they can get as low as $1.99.

Well, today's my day off so I will wear this for a few hours tops!  Have you seen these around yet?  There are a few other Kleancolors that I'd like to get my hands on and for this price you can't go wrong.  As always, stay well-polished and talk to you a bit later.
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