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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pink Wednesday: L.A. Girl - Matte Pink

It's been a week since Spring's arrival and it's about time to start wearing your brights - wouldn't you say!  So I have for you today, L.A. Girl's Matte Pink...

Color Description: Matte Pink is a neon hot pink creme that definitely needs a topcoat over it to make it come alive.  These pictures aren't really showing the neon quality but believe me, it's there.

Similar To: Misa's Sandals, Flip Flops and Hip Hop is a bit brighter than Matte Pink and  it's not a matte but it's the closest thing in my collection.  Both are nice!

This Look: Two coats of Instant Artificials, two coats of Matte Pink and one coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine.

Price Point/Availability: L.A. Girl Matte Raspberry retails for $4.00 and can be found online at or in your local beauty supply store.

Well, thank you all for being here and I sincerely hope your Spring is off to a great start!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Essie - She's Picture Perfect (03/09/2012)

I was able to get my paws on the entire Essie Sure Shot - Resort 2012 Collection and my favorite is She's Picture Perfect. 

There's not much out on this collection other than a few write ups on the web - however, here's a more detailed description for your reading pleasure from Chic Profile.  Now onto She's Picture Perfect:

Color Description: She's Picture Perfect is a beautiful periwinkle lavendar with a pink iridescence.  The iridescent quality can only be seen in certain light and would definitely be considered a secret shimmer making this lacquer extra shiny and extra special.

Similar To:  I have absolutely nothing else like this!

This Look: One coat of Starting Over After Artificials, two coats of She's Picture Perfect and one coat of Shine & Hold topcoat.

Price Point/Availability:  This collection will be available this month at salons and other retailers that carry Essie and is generally priced between $8 - $8.50.

Have a great weekend my lovely ladies!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

L.A. Girl - Matte Raspberry (03/06/2012)

L.A. Girl Matte Raspberry is an awesome long-wearing lacquer that needs no clear coat to make it stand out! I've worn this for close to a week with little tip wear, no chips and no color fading.  Now on to the color description.

Color Description: Raspberry is not only a great color name but it's also a great color description. Matte Raspberry is a blue-based magenta matte creme lacquer that brightens up with a topcoat (though not necessary).

Similar To: After a few bottle comparisons and swatches Matte Raspberry is most similar in color to the new WnW Megalast Through The Grapevine, especially when a topcoat is added.

This Look: One coat of Starting Over After Artificials with two coats of Matte Raspberry (if you're in a hurry, one coat will suffice).  Then after a week of wear I added a coat of Shine & Hold.

Matte nail polishes are not shown much but definitely should not be overlooked.  Edgy, yet classic colors are the way to go.  Check these out when you get a chance.  Do you own any matte lacquers?

Price Point/Availability: L.A. Girl Matte Raspberry retails for $4.00 and can be found online at or in your local beauty supply store.
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