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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

China Glaze - Stone Cold

I really enjoyed the uniqueness of the China Glaze Hunger Games Collection! My favorite of the bunch was Stone Cold - so gorgeous. The movie is now on DVD but if you haven't seen it there were 12 Districts which coincided with twelve lacquers for China Glaze's Spring 2012 Collection. 

Stone Cold is from District 2 - Masonry.  And though it was released for Spring, it's the perfect color to transition you right into Fall.

Color Description: Stone Cold is a matte charcoal/black with silver shimmer and I recommend keeping it matte for the full effect of this "rock" star look.  This could be described as "street chic" with its asphalt texture and, to me, is best suited for shorter nails.  Stone cold is a winner, check it out if you can.

Similar To: Nothing I own comes close to this, it's definitely a "collector's" lacquer. However, from pics, it looks just like Orly's Iron Butterfly (check out The Polished Perfectionist for a closer look at this lacquer).

This Look: One coat of Starting Over After Artificials, two coats of Stone Cold and no top coat.  (If you need to put on a top coat use a matte finish to preserve the look.)

Price Point/Availability: I believe you'll still be able to find these on line but it was Limited Edition (Hunger Games Collection) and last I saw was being clearanced out at Sally's a few months ago.  Better yet, just check the Sally's store online and it's only $1.50.  Wow!  That's a deal - retails for $6.50+!

Whether you saw the movie or not, this is a collection that you should check out.  See you soon ladies and (gents, I think there's a few of you that are male readers, at least)!  Have a great week... :)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Sally Hansen - Lightening (Insta-Dri)

We have a few more weeks until summertime is officially over (09/22/12), so I'm posting a polish I wore back in May when my nails were a bit longer and Summer was in full bloom.  Now, from the archives we have Sally Hansen's Lightening and it truly is lightening in a bottle!

Color Description: Lightening is a bright lemon yellow, not to be worn by the faint of heart.  And not really for those who care what people think about their nails.  It's a daring, bright, artsy color for the willing and able - lol.

Similar To: Nothing else I own is the same but Lightening has been compared to Chanel Mimosa (color not finish) and Revlon Electric by the wonderful blogger Fab Fatale (check her out!).

This Look: One coat of Starting Over After Artificials, two coats of Ligtening and one coat of Shine & Hold.

Price Point/Availability: Of late, I've seen this online for as little as $3, however, I purchased mine a while ago at Big Lots and generally when cosmetics go to Big Lots or discount stores they've been discontinued.  But, by all means, check your local drugstore for the Insta Dri's, you may just find it there.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed wearing it.  Have a great day!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

OPI - Don't Talk Bach to Me

Don't you just love the title of this lacquer? Some lacquer names I could care less about, others will prevent me from purchasing a lacquer altogether, and some I must own due to the great name.  Well, with this lovely shade, I fell in love with the color long before I knew the name.

Don't Talk Bach to Me (DTBtM) hails from OPI's Germany Collection for Fall/Winter 2012. This collection is described as "edgy elegance" and is said to include "rich colors and striking textures for fall". I would describe it as redundant, with the exception of two shades, the namesake of this post, and Schnapps Out of It!  The other colors I've seen before and could not justify purchasing.

Color Description:  OPI describes DTBtM as a sassy lime-yellow.  It's sassy because there's a secret silver shimmer going on that makes this lacquer extra shiny.  I love this color because on me it turns into a lovely neutral that can be worn with anything.

Similar To: Okay, so I pulled out American Apparel's MacArthur Park and at first glance, in the bottles they look very similar but the AA is darker albeit in the same family.  It has also been compared to Fiercely Fiona in OPI's Shrek Collection (not even close) or China Glaze's Trendsetter which is closer but not nearly enough to call it a dupe.

This Look: One coat of Growing Nails Orderless Garlic base coat, two coats of DTBtM and one coat of my all-time favorite Shine & Hold topcoat.
Velusa: yellow green/gold -
Wallpaper from the 70s

Price Point/Availability: Germany by OPI became available August 8, 2012 and can be purchased at Professional Salons near you including JCPenney and ULTA; retails for $8.50.

70's Vinyl Sofa
Don't Talk Bach to Me is the kind of color that you just forget you have on all together until someone pays you a compliment - which will happen, a lot. This yellow leaning, green reminds me of a throwback to the 70's upholstery fabric or wall coverings.  Just gorgeous!
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