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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Milani - Silver Dazzle (01/29/2011)

Color Description:  Milani's Silver Dazzle (SD) One Coat Glitter lacquer is a blackened charcoal glitter that really comes alive with the right topcoat!  However, without a topcoat it's the closest thing to asphalt that I've ever worn on my nails - from the look to the texture, it's very dark and intriguing.  I wore SD to a gala last night with a long black dress and this jacket, it was a perfect match.

Similar To:  You tell me?  No serious, I'd love to hear what else this is close to because I pulled out my OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous and Brand New Skates - similar in color but look and texture, definitely not dupes.  SD contains brilliant chunky glitter, while the others are more fine and subdued.

This Look:  Okay so you can wear this color multiple ways. 1) one coat lacquer, no topcoat - for that asphalt look and feel, or 2) one coat lacquer, one coat topcoat - for a semi-flat, still textured look, or lastly, like I'm wearing in the pic, 3) two coats lacquer, two coats topcoat - for an out of this world blackened charcoal glitter-fest on the nail.  I was in a rush last night so I wore option #2.

Topcoat Recommendation:  Tonight I had a bit more time so I put on one more coat of SD and a new top coat I'm trying out called Sally Hansen NailShine Miracle (click to read box description) and though it is not a quick dry, it is great for this type of finish, a gritty glitter that absorbs the shine from a top coat - your nails will still look nice but not spectacular.  Well, I topped it off with a quick dry and wahlah the shiniest, most spectacular glitter mani I've laid my eyes on!

Price Point/Availability:  Milani SD is said to be installed in the core line eventually, however, when I picked it up it retailed for $5.00 and was on a promotional display.  I still see some CVS's with this display so you should be able to find it.  The NailShine Miracle is currently clearance priced at CVS for 75% off and that's the only reason why I tried it.  I'm so glad I did, this stuff is AMAZING.

Have you tried any of the products in this review?  If so, please let me know your well-polished thoughts!  Until next time, have an awesome week...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

China Glaze - Touch of Glamour (01/25/2011)

Recently a request was made by a fellow MUAer to swatch this little known and/or rarely discussed beauty - Touch of Glamour from the Vision of Grandeur Collection (circa 2005).  Since, I'd never worn this color, inspiration insued!

Color Description: This is a very difficult color to describe and capture on film, however, it has best been described as, "milky peachy pink sheer base with a gorgeous gold shimmer".  This is definitely on the sheer side so you will need to wear a good foundation underneath.

Similar To:  IMO, Touch of Glamour compares nicely to Revlon Peach Smoothie or L.A Colors Color Craze in Mega Watt (see bottle pics below).

This Look:  Two coats of Nutra Nail Super Base Coat, two coats of Touch of Glamour and one coat of Shine & Hold topcoat from local beauty supply.

Price Point/Availability:  Touch of Color is discontinued but I've seen this as low as $2.99 online.

Bottom Line:  I really this color.  It's unstated glamour at its best!  Stay well-polished and see you soon!

Friday, January 21, 2011

China Glaze LOL (01/21/2011)

w/ Camera Flash

What can I say about LOL from the OMG Collection, but WOW!!!  This polish truly glows from within and is a pleasure to look at minute by minute as it alters in appearance.  And why did it smell like grapes when I was applying it?  Maybe because it was 1:30am - lol!

Color Description:  This just may be the most gorgeous purple I own.  Again, WOW!  LOL is the quintessential purple holographic nail polish.  The rainbow/oil slick effect is evident in both indoor and outdoor lighting.  This is a very wearable purple, not outlandish, at all!

w/ Light Box
Similar To:  Daytime indoors with out any lights on, believe it or not,  LOL reminds me of OPI's Purple With A Purpose; very glowy.  However, when you turn the lights on get ready for the show!  This has also be compared to the new purple Tronica offering, Gamer Glam, which I can't wait to see IRL.  I've also recently seen it compared, most accurately to, Color Club's Wild at Heart on MUA.  Though, these have different finishes (linear v. scattered), they're definitely both "purple holos".

w/ Lamp Light

This Look:  Again, a little TLC was needed, so I used Starting Over After Artificials, as a base coat.  Two coats of LOL were carefully applied; even though the application of OMG's are a bit easier than Tronicas, they both can be "a drag" to apply.  When I say "drag" I mean that one coat can be lifted and removed by the second if you're not careful to let it dry a bit between coats.  This look was topped off with one of my all-time favorites Sally Hansen Mega Shine topcoat.

Taken Outdoors

Price Point/Availability:  As the OMG Collection is now discontinued, these may be available on MUA as swap items, as well as at a few vendors online, including Ebay.  You also may be able to find these in some older beauty supply stores that are affectionately call, "dusties".

Well, I'm very glad to have my computer back and will be able to post a bit more frequently (maybe :)...  Thanks so much for taking a look and commenting and have a well-polished weekend!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

China Glaze Hyper Haute (01/16/2011)

Hyper Haute is the only other Tronica that I own and this one was definitely not "love at first coat" - lol!  It wears very well, however, and looks very pretty in the in the sun; inside, not so much.

Color Description:  Hyper Haute is a medium raspberry, scattered holo.  The holographic appearance in this polish is virtually non-existent indoors and ends up looking like a fine silver shimmer - which is still nice but nothing to get really excited about.

Similar To:  Hyper Haute is almost identical in coloring to QT, however, QT is linear holo and HH is scattered.  (EDIT: I originally said BFF, which is more of a mauve/rose - needed to go home and get my names straight and thanks to the comment below I rechecked my stash for QT).

This Look:  I am wearing one coat of Starting Over After Artificials as the base coat (my nails needed a little TLC), two (very difficult) coats of Hyper Haute; the drag is AWFUL on this polish - get your strokes right the first time, or else!  And, one coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine.  Side Note:  This polish wears like IRON!!!  I've been wearing this polish for 4 days and it still looks nice.

Price Point/ Availability:  Hyper Haute is included Tronica collection that will be available at retail outlets in early Spring 2011 for about $6.  If you'd like to purchase them now, contact your manicurist to pick them up for you at CosmoProf.

Thanks so much for stopping by my well-polished peeps! :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

China Glaze Techno Teal (01/12/2011)

My verdict is in and the Tronica collection is *drum roll please* - A WINNER!  I have to say that although China Glaze Tronicas are not the same formula as OMG's they are awesome in a totally different way and I love it...  

I own all but two of the OMG collection and was used to "seeing the rainbow" in my nails and in the bottle, but Tronica is in a class of its own, with what I guess is being called a "scattered holo" effect.  Whatever it is, I think I'm in love.

Color Description:  Techno Teal has an apropos name; definitely at deep turquoise/teal with the most beautiful shimmer/holo effect and looks great both indoors and outdoors. 

Similar To:  This is very similar in coloring to ChG DV8 (find my previous post here).  But after looking at these pics you will not "see the rainbow" in Techno Teal.  It's less OMG (rainbow) and more Tronica (computer pixel).  I find that this collection reminds me of the non-obvious holographic appearance of OPI DS Fantasy.  So saturated and rich in color, yet subtle in prismatic quality which has an allure to it.

This Look:  One coat of Sally Hansen Hard As Wraps Acrylic Gel (base coat), two coats of Techno Teal (beware of drag during application); thin coats are recommended, and one coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine (topcoat needed - these dry down dull).

Price Point/Availability:  The Tronica collecion is currently available to your manicurist professional at CosmoProf, so why not keep them in the loop as to "what's hot and what's not" and ask her/him to pick you up a few bottles on their next visit.  That's what I did. :)  These will be available early Spring 2011 and retail for about $6 each and are worth every penny!  So glad I gave them a chance...

Alright, I'm all posted out, now...  My computers been down for the last week so I'm working on borrowed time here using my hubbies beloved MAC.  So, let me go, well-polished ones, and have an awesome rest of the day. :)

Del Sol Ruby Slipper (01/09/2011)

I love, love, love this nail polish.  It's so much fun to wear that I felt like I was back in grade school showing all of my friends its wonderment.  Del Sol Ruby Slipper changes color in the sun and is not to be confused with mood changing nail polishes.  It encourages you to get out in the sun and get active, but in any light it is absolutely gorgeous.

Color Description:  In the bottle, Ruby Slipper is a silver glitter.  On my nails indoors it's a platinum, almost pale gold beauty and outdoors, in full on sunlight, it's a beautiful ruby red.  Each bottle has a hibiscus flower on the front and this is the color that it will change to in the sun.  It really works!

Similar To:  As mentioned above, one could say it would be similar to the mood changing polishes on the market, but I really think Del Sol has the market cornered with dozens of colors and finishes to choose from and the "get up, get out and do something" factor.  This polish awesome!  Del Sol makes hats and watches, and you name it, all for the active lifestyle...  I need some of that in my life. :)

This Look:  Patience is preferred when applying this glitter.  It's very fine and sheer with the first coat so I did four coats (no base), with one coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine (optional).  This was not a gritty, bumpy glitter, but went on smooth.  I only put on a topcoat so that it wouldn't chip!

Price Point:  Online these are going for $10 per bottle and just until recently were being sold at Walgreens for $8 ea.  Recently, Walgreens has changed their pricing strategy and are selling them 3/$10 or $4 ea.  I picked a few for me, some for my nieces and took three of my friends to Walgreens where the purchased "a few" for their girls and themselves.

Thanks again and see you real soon!  If you have any "well-polished" questions, feel free to ask and I will get back with you... :)

Jessie's Fire Fly over Orly Winter Wonderland (01/06/2011)

Color Description: Winter Wonderland is an icy glass-flecked delight with white iridescence, while Fire Fly has green and yellow iridescence and has more of a foil finish.

Similar To: Fire Fly has been compared to China Glaze's new Spring 2011 offering, White Cap, as well as, the Too Faced for Ulta, Sugar Cookie.  I believe that while Sugar Cookie is similar, Fire Fly has a bit more green going on than either of these comparisons.

This Look:  Two Coats of Starting Over After Artificials (base coat), two Coats of Orly Winter Wonderland, one coat of Jessie's Girl Fire Fly and one coat Shine & Hold (topcoat from local beauty supply).

Price Point: Orly Winter Wonderland was sold at Sally Beauty Supply for about $6 per bottle, however, you may be able to find this clearanced out at your local store.  As far as Fire Fly is concerned, these have just hit the market in Southern California at local Rite Aids and are sold for $3.

Thanks so much for looking and the support... I can't leave this post without saying how happy I am that I now have over 100 well-polished subscribers!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

What's The 411?

Just found out today that Sally Beauty Supply and CosmoProf are the same company.  The same "beauty industry source" mentioned that Orly is owned and/or distributed by the same company as OPI.  

After doing a little web surfing *enter Beach Boys music here* I found out that the owner of OPI is the founding member of the Nail Manufacturer's Council.  This explains a lot.

Well, that's it for my "industry insider" tidbit for today!  Hope this found you well-polished and left you as intrigued as it did me.  This doesn't change my love for either brand, but does help put some puzzle pieces together (i.e. color dupes, new finishes across multiple brands, etc.).

Monday, January 3, 2011

China Glaze - Ahoy! (01/03/2011)

Hi Everyone!  Just wanted to show off this beauty which is my current NOTD:  Ahoy! from China Glaze's upcoming Anchors Away - Sail in Colour Collection for Spring 2011.  This is the only one that I own but I plan on picking up a few more in the very near future.  :)

This Look: One coat of Starting over After Artificials, two coats of Ahoy! and one coat of Shine and Hold topcoat (topcoat created by my local beauty supply ♥).
Color DescriptionAhoy! has a gorgeous red/raspberry finish with golden flecks. It's unusual yet similar all at the same time.  I definitely have that, "Haven't I seen you before feeling."  And here's why...

Similar To:  Ahoy! is very similar to at least two others in my collection, Milani's Photo Flash and OPI's Ali's Big Break.  In the swatch pic to the right you have (top to bottom): Photo Flash, Ahoy! and Ali's Big Break...   

They look nothing alike in the bottles but boy oh boy when you swatch them do they look the same.  Of these, though I've never worn OPI ABB, she's the winner of the bunch and China Glaze's Ahoy! is coming in at a close second.

Price Point: These will hit retailers in the Spring and will be going for about $6.00 each.  Definitely worth the money if you don't have any of the ones above.

Well, that it and that's all well-polished folks!

Zoya Madness - Swatches

Just thought I'd chime in to the recent Facebook Zoya "Like" Us Offer  madness!  Well, they've surpassed their goal and now will have to come good on the actual offer: 3 FREE Zoyas for the cost of shipping.  I learned today that it actually costs $6.95 may still cost about $3.50 for 3 bottles; that's a pretty good deal!

So to help you all decide I'm posting swatches of my Zoyas, 10 to be exact!  And, believe me you, I've been checking all of your Zoya pics out to help me decide which ones I should get.  So many colors and so little time to decide.  Well, here goes it:







Ki (bottle pic flash)





Well, now it's for you to decide!  All of these were taken in my "light box" except for the the bottle pic of Ki (isn't she beautiful?).  I find that the light box pics give a soft, pretty daytime lighting effect.  I will have a post on what I use for my light box in the near future.

The 3 Zoya's I am thinking of adding to my collection will more than likely be from this list:

Yasmeen, Lael, Kotori, Mimi, Zara, Indigo and Akyra.  

Which ones do you recommend?  I'm open to suggestions and if you have a link of the pic, by all means, go ahead and add it!  Talk to you well-polished lacquer connoisseurs later!
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