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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

OPI - Do You Think I'm Tex-y?

Do You Think I'm Tex-y (DYTIT) is from OPI's 2011 Texas Collection and this nail look was inspired by Revlon's Cherries in The Snow lipstick.  It's a new lipstick to me but a cult classic since the 1950's for many.  Isn't it intriguing?

Color Description: I would categorize this lacquer in the raspberry/cherry family as it is a deep pink-red that contains blue undertones.  OPI described it as "a berry" sorbet (jelly) and I concur.

Similar To: Can't wait to get my hands on Revlon's lacquer Cherries In The Snow because even though one is a jelly (DYTIT) and one is a creme (CITS), I believe them to be just about the same color.  Also, I compared it to a vintage Sally Hansen that I own Tropical Rose Creme these are the same, as well.

This Look: One coat of Starting Over After Artificials, one coat of OPI Acrylic Nail Base Coat, three coats of DYTIT, and one coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine, totaling 7 coats of lacquer! 

Price Point/AvailabilityTexas Collection by OPI is available at Professional Salons, JCPenney and Ulta, for $8.50 suggested retail.

What finish do you prefer? Jelly, creme, glitter, crackle, holographic? Personally, I'm actually starting to like cremes more than jellies for opacity but you can't beat the shine that a jelly lacquer offers.  A certain yummy-factor like no other. :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

China Glaze - Oxygen

Oxygen is from China Glaze's 2007 Creme Couture collection and is literally a "breath of fresh air" on the nails. Want to wear white and not look like you have liquid paper correctional fluid on your nails?  Well China Glaze's Oxygen is worth a try!

Color Description: This lacquer is an off-whtite that has a clean (almost jelly) creme finish. It looks like milk on the nails and has a slight pink undertone but no where near as pink as OPI's Bubble Bath.

Similar To: In my opinion, Oxygen is very similar (at least, in the bottle) to OPI Time-less Is More. Both are gorgeous and timeless and classic and sophisticated and A MUST HAVE!

This Look: One coat of Instant Artificials, three coats of Oxygen and one coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine.

Price Point/Availability:  It looks like this has been included in China Glaze's core line of lacquers so you can find Oxygen at most retailers.  The price point is around $5.00.

Do you wear white on your nails?  If not, would you ever try it? If so, this is a good starting point. :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Pink Wednesday: Cheri - Spring Mauve

I wore Spring Mauve for a week and just took it off!  What a lovely off-brand lacquer I've stumbled upon. 

Color Description: Spring Mauve is a lovely lavender based hot pink with a secret shimmer to die for.  The secret shimmer is what pull lavender and makes this lacquer extra shiny.

Similar To: What came to mind first was Wet N Wild's How I Met Your Magenta but they're totally different in the bottle.  So, I don't have anything to compare Spring Mauve to, really.

This Look: One coat of Instant Artificials, two coats of Spring Mauve and one coat of Sally Hansen's Mega Shine.

Price Point: I believe this color is discontinued but the Cheri brand is sold online for $2.00/ea.  What a bargain!  I truly believe that with a great base and top coat any lacquer can be a lasting beauty...

I sincerely hope you liked this look as much as I did!  It's taking me longer and longer to change my polish lately because I'm in love with the spring colors.  Hope to have a few more looks for you this month and again enjoy you Spring to the fullest.

p.s.  I'm actually looking for an opaque lipstick in this color - any ideas let me know (lol)... 
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