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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Close-Up Series: Nail Polish Color Coding Project

Good Day Folks...  I estimate this color-coding project to take me forever but when I'm finished I will be the happiest nail polish collector around!  

Here's what the bottles look like, so far:

Below is a picture of the foam squares I used just in case you'd like to venture on this project with me:

These are generally sold in the craft section of your local Target, Wal-Mart or Michael's (and sometimes your dollar store will have them in stock).

Feel free to ask me any questions! Thanks and have a great Thursday... :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ulta Salon Formula - Limelight (01/24/2012)

Light Box w/ OTT (daylight) lighting
Good Afternoon All!  Today my nails are inspired by the lovely blogger, Wig Wam, who so nicely named me in her favorite 15 Versatile Bloggers!  Please click on the green award to the right to check out her post and the others that she's selected.  

I am so happy to get this because I don't do a lot of designs and never do konading (which some would consider versatile), but what I do ♥ to concentrate on is beautiful color - vivid, saturated, intense, soft, mysterious, you name it color's the name of the game for me.  That's how I keep things ever changing...

So I thought I'd do a beautiful green that is similar in hue to the Versatile Blogger Award which brings us to Ulta's Limelight's review:

Color Description: Limelight is more of a fresh leaf green which would be great for the Spring. It's a unique color that's not shocking in any way.

Incandescent Lighting
Similar To:  This color has been compared as a dupe to OPI's Green-wich Village by Noelie (click to see post here). Very close indeed!  Other than that not sure what else to compare it to.

This Look: Two coats of OPI Acrylic Nail Base Coat (I have it so I said I might as well us it!), three coats of Limelight and one coat of Shine & Hold.

Price Point/Availability:  I purchased this a year or so ago at Ulta and since then they've changed the packaging but the price still retails for about $5 and they're always running a bogo of some sort (i.e. buy 2 get 2 free, etc.).

So now I'm off to compile my list of 15 ladies for this award...  The versatile blogger post will be coming soon!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pink Wednesday: Miss Marion - Neapolitan

Can you say yummy?  Who doesn't like Neapolitan ice cream?  Strawberry, Vanilla and with a hint of Chocolate, this Miss Marion lacquer is very appropriately named.  I must say I was a bit puzzled at the name until I sat down and took a real close look at the bottle, then it all came together like two scoops and a spoon - lol!!!

Color Description:  A creamy, dusty pink with brown undertones, Neapolitan is definitely a neutral to be reckoned with.  It applies sheer and shiny like the best jellies, which was a pleasant surprise. So I guess I would sum this one up as a dusty pink with a jelly finish.

Similar To:  I found this to be close in hue (not finish) to Sally Hansen's Infinite Natural, which I previously compared to OPI's Dulce De Leche but again Neapolitan is definitely a jelly which makes it unique.

This Look: One coat of Starting Over After Artificials, the coats of Neapolitan and one coat of Shine & Hold.

Price Point/Availability:  Miss Marion can be purchase directly from Miss Marion via JBK Trading for 3 for $8.95.

Boy does this bottle (and picture) bring back memories.  In the late eighties and even into the early nineties all the ladies (including myself) would request Miss Marion's Garnet to be placed on our medium to long acrylic talons.  Well, Miss Marion's is still in business and I found them to purchase a multitude of colors a few years ago and am happy that I did.  

Have you ever worn Miss Marion's lacquer?  If not, you can still find out about their history here.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Finger Paints - Winter Sky (01/16/2012)

I just recently found Winter Sky at Sally's on clearance and boy oh boy is it a joy to wear!  This is a great color for the winter blues and will get you right out of any slump (real or imaginary) with one glance at your nails.

Color Description:  A gorgeous turquoise/teal with fine silver shimmer, Winter Sky is a keeper. This can be considered a one-coater but you know I didn't stop there. :)

Similar To:  I searched my stash and found many similar colors but no dupes.  What makes this stand out the most is the fine silver shimmer that make it oh so shiny.  The closest lacquer I've seen this compared to is Zoya Phoebe (which is in my untried collection).  However, Phoebe is a matte shade.  See swatches here from Manicurity...  Very similar, indeed!

This Look: One coat of Starting Over After Artificials, two coats of Winter Sky and one coat of Shine & Hold.

Price Point/Availability: Right now this color is still available at for $1.99 (their clearance price); some brick and mortars may still have it lying around, as well.

Gonna try to get back on the Pink Wednesday bandwagon this week.  Let's see, which pink shall I wear?  The possibilities are absolutely staggering!

OPI - Visions of Sugarplum

OPI Visions of Sugarplum was released in the Fall/Winter of 2009 and was an Ulta Exclusive.  This is how behind I am in wearing my lacquers, because I actually wear them for a few days (sometimes up to five) when its a really good color and stays in tact. :)

Color Description: A sparkling purple/wine lacquer with beautiful iridescent shimmer.

Similar To: There are many dupes on the market but the closest is Finger Paints Icy Iris (which is discontinued), however Zoya Valerie is also said to be extremely similar.  This type of color is not hard to find this time of year.

This Look: One coat of Starting Over After Artificials, two coats of Visions of Sugarplum 
and one coat of Shine & Hold.

Price Point/Availability: Again, this was an Ulta Exclusive for the 2009 Holiday collection and is now discontinued but there are many drugstore and higher end lacquers with the same look as Visions of Sugarplum.

Thanks for checking in folks!  Talk to you real soon...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cover Girl - Spiced Tea (01/10/2012)

After wearing many of the dark colors for this season, I found Spiced Tea to be a nice palette cleanser.  This is my first time  wearing Cover Girl lacquer and I'm pleasantly surprised.  This is one of their Continuous Color 3-in-1 lacquers that boasts of a, Base + Lasting Color + Topcoat all in one.  I put it to the test and it actually works!

Color Description: Champagne/tan foiled lacquer with shimmering pale blue and silver flecks.  Even more beautiful on the nail than in the bottle, Spiced Tea is a great neutral for all skin types, so, if you come across this give it a try.

Similar To:  Though it's a different base color, Ulta's Spice Drop is similar in finish and color in certain lighting.

This Look:  Three coats of Spiced Tea - that's it and that's all.

Price Point/Availability: This was Limited Edition and the first reviews I could find on this was back in 2005 so it's definitely discontinued.  However, I'm sure you've seen the double-pack nail polish at your local dollar store, well, that's where I recently found this in a pack along with a light blue lacquer in the same finish called Crushed Ice.

Have a great Tuesday! Off to go job-hunting now...  This job market is treacherous but I'm pretty tenacious and not gonna stop looking.

Friday, January 6, 2012

OPI - Have You Seen My Limo? (01/06/2012)

So gorgeous in the bottle and out this, somewhat vintage, nail polish was released in 2007 in the limited edition Holiday in Hollywood collection.  This is a very mysteriously beautiful lacquer and I must say that I am not, at all, disappointed.

Color Description:  Have You Seen My Limo? is a subtle duochrome that flashes dark green but is predominantly a deep eggplant purple; one reviewer said it reminded her of a bowl purple of olives - very nice description!  It has very find silver shimmer (just enough not to be frosty) and is one of those colors that have someone grab your hand and say, "What color is that?"  Again, mysterious.

Similar To:  This puts me in the mind of Orly's Royal Velvet (see my post here) but at the same time is totally different. However, this is a nice addition to my Bruised Beauties collection (right click to view post here).  It has also been compared to Sally Hansen's Black Tie.

This Look:  Two coats of Starting Over After Artificials (needed some extra strength because I've been washing dishes with no gloves - FOR SHAME!), three coats of have you seen my limo (for added umph-factor), and one coat of Shine & Hold.

Price Point/Availability:  I found this at an old dusty beauty supply and only found one for sale online for $15.99. So if you see this lacquer and you like the color, definitely pick it up because it has now become a collector's item.

As always, I love sharing my beautiful colors and rare finds with you all and hope you like listening to my thoughts.  Also, if you have any good suggestions for dish gloves let me know.  I use these: Water Stop Gloves and they're pretty and water does not seep through the top but I've gone through at least three pair because they are thin and finger tips wear easily and they get discolored (not long-lasting, at all).  So let me know what you use!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

AllThingsNails! Ultimate Mani Picks - Top Eleven of 2011

Good Morning Lovelies!  I decided to do a somewhat popular yet unconventional take on "my" top lacquers for 2011.  

Some of these came out in 2011 and some did not but after looking at a years worth of manis, totaling well over 100, I decided to choose which of them made me the happiest to wear.

Whether it be that the picture came out awesome (Turquoise & Caicos), I received compliments galore (Milani - HD), the mani was linked to a special event (Prince Concert Mani or Bubbly Bombshell for my Anniversary) or there was some sort of nail craze (i.e. Chanel Peridot or Crackle Lacquer), these all marked great memories throughout the year.

 These are my Ultimate Mani Picks of 2011 and as always, there's a story behind each look so right click (open in a new tab) on the links below to revisit my personal favorites:  

Hope you enjoyed my 2011 Ultimate Manis in Review and have a great 2012!
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