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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Catherine Arley - 801 (08/09/2011)

Before yesterday, I'd only seen pictures of Catherine Arleys and since I own over to 50 holograpic lacquers including 25 OPI Designer Series, 10 China Glaze OMGs, 11 Tronicas and a hand full of Color Clubs and Kleancolors, I don't get too excited anymore but behold Catherine Arley - 801 in all of its chartreuse golden jelly goodness.

Color Description: Can a lacquer be holographic and jelly at the same time?  Well, Catherine Arley figured away to combine the two and I'm thankful to have this in my collection.  Again, I would consider this a golden chartreuse with scattered holographic prisms in a jelly finish.

This Look:  Two coats of lacquer with no topcoat!

Similar To:  This is a very unusual holographic lacquer but also very similar in coloring to Kleancolor Holo Yellow.  If you can find the Kleancolor around this may satisfy a lemming for Catherine Arley 801.  However, the Kleancolor has somewhat of a frost finish to it.

Availability: Catherine Arley is manufactured in Turkey and can be purchased on the web, however, I've had no success getting a response from the online distributor.  So glad I got this in a swap!

 One last pic for the road!  Have you heard of Catherine Arley?  Which do you have in your collection?
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