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Friday, August 19, 2011

Maybelline - Scene On The Runway Collection Swatches (Fall 2011)

The new Scene On The Runway Collection from Maybelline caught my eye on Thursday (yesterday) in Rite Aid and so I decided to "participate" in the BOGO50 promotion that was ending.  

These were the three that I thought I must have...

Cool Couture is a dark gray with fine turquoise blue shimmer
(Ott light w/ light box)

Here's another look at the shimmer
(incandescent lighting)

Natural Beauty is a nice deep tan creme and
is almost a dupe for OPI San Tan-Tonio.
From top to bottom: STT, NB, STT, NB - close, eh?
(NB is a shade or two deeper than STT)
And lastly, Be Scene In Green a medium green frost
(not special enough, IMO)
I am definitely going back for the purple shimmer that I overlooked called Purple Trend!  See it here on Nouveau Cheap as well as glimpse at the rest of Maybelline's new Fall 2011 line.  

So far, what do you think?  Have you seen this in stores yet.  My sales associate just put these out today and I'm glad I stopped by! :)

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