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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

iSwap: Nail Mail (08/08/2011)

I generally don't post my swaps but yesterday I received the last part of the largest most intricate swap I've ever experienced and thought it needed to be documented.  A lovely Englishwoman named Pennie at Conceptional contacted me about a swap about three weeks ago and here's what we came up with on my end:

Chanel Black Pearl, CA 801, CA 802

Clarins 220-Patient Pink, OPI Glacier Bay Blues, Golden Rose 105

NOPI Yellow It's Me, Orlane 92, Clarins 103-Pink Shimmer

I am so glad I did this because even though she's located in the U.S. it felt like an international swap!  Alrighty then, about to select one of the Catherine Arley's for today's mani.  Take care and what have you gotten in the mail lately or better yet, what are you waiting for?  It was once said that "anticipation is the purest form of pleasure" by Gustave Flaubert and I believe this to be so...  

Have an awesome Tuesday and remember, iSwap!  Check out my swap tab above for more information. :)

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