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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Silhouette - Orchis (My Take on Chanel Peridot)

This is my take on Peridot...  I stumbled upon Silhouette Orchis with my friend at a beauty supply/wig shop yesterday and thought it reminded me a bit of Chanel Peridot. So today I tried a layering experiment:

This Look: One coat of Orly Golden Coral, on coat of Silhouette Orchis, one coat of Maybelline Colorama Give Me The Chills, one coat of Best Sence #89 and one coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine.  If you have Revlon's Glimmer Gloss in Banana Blaze this could replace the #89 and if you have Maybelline's Khaki Fringe this could replace Orchis.  I had fun layering - thanks for looking!

I went to Macy's to test Peridot and this is a side by side comparison of Orchis/Peridot.  In certain lighting, Peridot turns into a beautiful light green duochrome reminiscent of venetian glass and Orchis does not.

Below is Chanel Peridot in all of its glory... :)
Chanel Peridot from Retail Therapy
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