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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Orly - Bubbly Bombshell (5/5/2011)

Oh my!!!  Bubbly Bombshell was the absolute surprise of my yesterday!  One of my beauty supply stores allowed me to go into the "stock room" and check out the new Orly's Summer Pin-Up Collection.  
I had to have two from the collection and it's no surprise that they were both shiny and sparkly - Bubbly Bombshell, and Here Comes Trouble.

Color Description:  Bubbly Bombshell is described by Orly as a "purple glitter" but it's so much more than that!  It's more like a hot pink/magenta glitter with flashes of purple.  So, so pretty this really could have been in the OPI Burlesque glitter collection...

Similar To:  After swatching a few lacquers that I thought looked similar in the bottle I was pleasantly surprised that I don't have a dupe of this in my collection.  I swatched Milani Purple Gleam and Zoya Roxy and boy oh boy was my eye off.  Nothing similar about these, at all, except glitter!

This Look:  One coat of Starting Over After Artificials for my base, three coats of Bubbly Bombshell, one coat of Sally Hansen's NailShine Miracle and one coat of Shine and Hold on top.  This is a fairly gritty glitter so you will need a few thick layers of topcoat for best results.

Price Point/Availability:  This collection is retailing for $7.50 and should be in stores right now wherever Orly is found.

Well, this should really brighten my work day today!  Accounting can be a tad bit boring, thus the nail hobby and with polishes like this, who can really be bored.

Take care and if you have any questions or comments, by all means, let me hear from you.

Left: 17 year wedding anniversary (5-7-2011) w/ Bubbly Bombshell. :)
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