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Monday, May 23, 2011

Kreativ Blogger Award - 10 Things About Me Revealed

The ever so gracious Uni Ruxi a Paris has tagged me on this blog award!  I think this is the perfect opportunity to let my readers into my world - just a little bit:

  1. I ♥ to rollerblade outdoors at the beach.
  2. I ♥ to roller skate indoors at the rink (they're similar but totally different at the same time).
  3. I also ♥ to double-dutch (jump rope) with my nieces and friends!
  4. I am the middle child of three.
  5. My 17th Wedding Anniversary was the 1st Saturday of this month (May).
  6. My sister and I both married men with the same first name and didn't realize it until years later because they go by their nicknames (Drew and Andy); can you guess what the first name is? LOL.
  7. I went to Performing Arts schools for dance, art, and violin.
  8. My father is from Belize and my mother is from the U.S. (California).
  9. I've been out of the country a few times: Chile, Belize and Mexico.
  10. My dream vacation would be to go to Greece.
I will attempt to award this to those on my blogroll that do not have this award yet (very difficult task, I must say).  So here goes it:
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  3. Mina's blog
  4. Nailstah
  5. Alizarine Claws
  6. Nails Beautiqued
  7. The Sneakerette
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  10. loodie loodie loodie
By all means, check out these bloggers they are but a few of my Favorite Fanatics, and they are from all over the world!
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