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Friday, May 27, 2011

Fun-Friday Mani: LaRosa Crackle - Hot Purple over Essie - Status Symbol w/ OPI Silver Shatter (5/27/2011)

This weekend I will be going to the Purple One's concert so I did a funky fresh mani for the occasion and I am lovin' me some Hot Purple crackle right about now!  For an added Purple Reign effect, I added a faint layer of glitter over top; for this I used L.A. Colors Glistening Purple and then a little Silver Shatter on my tips to "ice it up" a bit - lol.

Color Description:  As mentioned in my previous review, Status Symbol, is a flamingo pink, however LaRosa Hot Purple is a shimmering dark purple that is muy, muy caliente, my friends and the crackle effect is awesome with a capital 'A'.  

Photo by Cooper Griggs (via Flickr)

L.A. Colors Glistening Purple is a very sparse magenta glitter in a clear base that will not detract from your mani, it will only enhance it; a very nice layering glitter.  As you see, the Silver Shatter didn't shatter much, but I still like the look.

Similar To:  Hot Purple isn't similar to anything that I know of - a purple crackle with hidden shimmer?  This crackle is TDF (to die for) and although the Glistening Purple glitter was a disappointment when I first swatched it alone, over a crackle is definitely the way to go with this sparse glitter, and again, I own nothing else like this.  Silver Shatter is also in a stand-alone category for the gorgeous shimmer effect it gives.

This Look:  One thin coat of Hot Purple over a 3-day old mani after surface was prepped with a nail primer, one coat of Glistening Purple, tipped with Silver Shatter and one coat of Shine & Hold top coat.

Outside during Sunset :)

Crackle Application: LaRosa crackle works best on completely dry lacquer, I mean completely dry, like an hour or so (or a day or so when creating a new look), unlike Kleancolor which works best over freshly painted nails and I'm still on the fence about OPI's crackle lacquers, they're a bit thick and inconsistent, in my book.  Of all of the crackles on the market I ♥ LaRosa the best.

Price Point/Availability: LaRosa Hot Purple crackle is retailing online for about $4.00 a bottle and I picked mine up from a beauty supply store while on vacation last week.  L.A. Colors Glistening Purple was found at the Dollar Tree and was, of course $1.00 and I purchased OPI Silver Shatter in the JC Penney Salon a few weeks ago for regular retail.  All are fairly new to the market and should be readily available online.

Well, this should be a fun weekend!  I've never been to a Prince concert for various reasons, but today is a new day; not only has he cleaned up his act, per say, he's lowered his ticket prices to a mere $25 a seat.  If just only for curiousity's sake, I'm going and I can't wait to see what he has in store for the last weekend of his 21 Night Stand concert.  

So far he's had guests ranging from Whitney Houston to Chaka Khan and Mint Condition to Nicole Scherzinger.  I've also heard that Janelle Monae performed one night and then on another night grammy-award winning Esperanz Spalding was in full effect and you can be sure that Sheila E. will be on the drums.  So, yeah, I'm a little geeked right now...  Hope you enjoyed this look and TTYS!
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