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Friday, May 13, 2011

Fun-Friday Mani: Kleancolor Crack - Red Crackle over Sally Hansen - Tipsey Toesey Rose (5/13/2011)

A Fun-Friday Mani is usually on for no more than 24 hours and this one is no exception!  It was inspired by Colour Coated (her mani was awesome, by the way).   I polled some friends and family and they loved it, which made me feel a bit better, after I had chalked this up to a fail.  Well, on to the review:

Color Description:  Underneath this new, bright candy apple red, Kleancolor Crack in Red Crackle, I have on a bright pink from Sally Hansen called Tipsey Toesey Rose, which was part of a weird "Just Feet" collection that ended up at the Dollar Tree (wonder why? - lol). 

Similar To:  There are a few other red crackles on the market but I don't think any are this bright and have this crackle pattern.

This Look:  Veeerrry difficult (see disclaimer below)!  One coat of Miss Marion's Superbase, two coats of Tipsey Toesey Rose, one coat of Red Crackle and one coat of Shine and Hold topcoat.

Disclaimer (Application):  KC's Crack is very fickle and must be painted over freshly painted nails.  It can't be too fresh, though, (i.e. one coat coat of wet polish) or it will crack and take the polish right along with it leaving your bare nail showing.  So I suggest two coats of color, letting the 1st coat dry completely, add the second, let it semi dry (still sticky to the touch) and then add the crackle.  If applied over yesterday's mani, however, it will just dry and blow away in the wind.  You will literally be able to wipe it off with your finger; not nice and very messy.

Price Point/AvailabilityRed Crackle retails on the Kleancolor website for $3.99 (+ tax) with a whopping $8.00 for shipping.  So if you can find these in a local beauty supply that's your best bet; they can get as low as $1.99.  The Sally Hansen Just Feet lacquer in Tipsey Toesey Rose is discontinued and can be found randomly at your local Dollar Tree.

Well, off to go have dinner with the hubsters.  I'm in the mood for an Island's margarita (yum!).  I like Fun-Fridays, how about you?
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