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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pink Wednesday: OPI - Sparrow Me The Drama (5/11/2011)

OTT Lighting in Light Box
What a pretty pink!  I picked up the entire set of OPI's Pirates of The Caribbean lacquers and Sparrow Me The Drama is my first mani from the collection.  Believe me you, this color does not disappoint...

Color Description: Sparrow Me The Drama has been best described as a cool toned pink with lilac/blue undertones.  It has a gorgeous, shiny creme finish that I think would be lovely on all skin-tones.  And is somewhat unique and sophisticated as far as pinks go.

Similar To:  I went to the pink section of my stash and nothing, then I went to the mauves and still nothing.  Whew, no dupe here, but please share if you find a similar color out there.

Incandescent Lighting
This Look:  One coat of Miss Marion's Pink Garlic Nail Hardener (as base), two coats of Sparrow Me The Drama and One Coat of Maybelline's Vinyl Shine (an old-school clear coat found at the Dollar Tree that dries surprisingly fast).

Pictures:  IMO, the first picture is more color accurate, but, as you can see from the two pictures, Sparrow Me The Drama looks totally different in various light settings.  

Price Point/Availability:  Again, I found mine in the JC Penney Salon where it retails for $8.50.  Although this is a Limited Edition color, you can still find this online and at other Salon locations.   

Well, have fun with this collection - I know, I am. :)

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