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Friday, August 26, 2011

Chanel - Peridot

Chanel Peridot is the color I chose to wear for my one year blog anniversary and it's has been a week of wonderfulness!  I have been wearing this lacquer since Tuesday (8/23/2011) and can't seem to take it off...  

It's lasted through Disneyland and a host of other activities and is well worth the money.  These pics were taken today after close to four days of wear.

Besides a little dent on my index finger tip, Chanel Peridot has held up extremely well - for a Chanel.  Sad to say my Paradoxal did not hold up half as well, chippity chip chip chip was its theme song.

I love the venetian glass effect that Peridot has and that's why I had to save up a few ducats to make this purchase.  I know whenever I try to layer and franken to create a dupe the next thing is just to break down and buy it.

As you can see in certain lighting it looks like a foil and other lighting it has a duochrome pearlized finish, either way I'm in love.  See you soon!

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