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Thursday, February 23, 2012

COMP-POST: Essie Navigate Her vs. CQ Mint Green - Part Two

Navigate Her (2 coats) ~ Mint Green (3 coats)
Well, the verdict is in and as you can see, there's no dupe here.  I would even say that if you like one, you may not like the other - that's how different they look on the hand.

The picture to the left is showing, on alternating fingers,  Essie Navigate Her (index and middle) and CQ Mint Green (middle and pinky).

Color Description: Navigate Her is a warm-tone creme that has yellow undertones and I would definitely describe it as a pistachio or celery green, whereas, Mint Green is cool-toned with more of a pastel green and is a bit lighter and airier, which I prefer.  Personally, I think Mint Green is prettier.

Application: Navigate Her was almost opaque in one coat with the application being easy and pretty much flawless with little effort.  Even though I prefer the look of Mint Green, it was thin and watery and a challenge to apply.  The question is which one did I choose to wear out the door?

This Look: As you can see in the picture to the right, I chose to wear Essie's Navigate Her for the ease of application with two coats, and one coat of Nutra Nail Ultra Shine topcoat.

Price Point/Availability: I found both Navigate Her and Mint Green at Rite Aid for $2.99 and $8.00, respectively. If only CQ's application was as good as the price we would have a winner!  But as it is, it's just gonna take a little more time and forethought before applying.

Hope you enjoyed this comparison post and that it will help you in your selection process. :)
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