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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

NYX - Salmon (02/07/2012)

Something new!  To me at least... This is NYX Salmon which is part of new Salon Formula collection and what's really interesting is that they're in Deborah Lippman shaped bottles and are double the price of the regular NYX lacquers, but we'll get to the price a bit later.  So to say the least I was intrigued...

Color Description: Salmon is a muted burnt-orange that's a jelly(yay!) with suspended gold micro-glitter.  It really struck me as unique in the bottle and did not disappoint when it was applied.

Similar To: Another strike-out! I have not seen or know of nothing else like Salmon. However, in hue/color it totally reminds me of OPI DS Tapestry (less the gold glitter).  So for all of you OPI DS girls, you pretty much know what I'm talkin' 'bout... (for more on the DS Tapestry pic check out: Did Someone Say Nail Polish's post).

This Look: One coat of Starting Over After Artificials with three coats of Salmon and one coat of Shine & Hold.

Price Point/Availability: I purchased this at a local beauty supply store for $3.99 which is a deal when compared to the larger brands.  You can also find this lacquer online.

Salmon is long wearing, however, it does take a while to dry due to the jelly consistency; very dentable of over an hour but the results are well worth it. 

Have you seen these new NYX bottles?  Last weekend was my first time noticing them and though all colors aren't unique, there are a few standouts and the bottle is a nice one. :)

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