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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nail Expo in Review...

Hello All -  Jackie S. of CANDY COATED TIPS and I had a nice time perusing the aisles of the Nail Expo.  This Expo boasted over 30 exhibitors, including Nubar, OPI, Seche, CND, and many others.  However, it was geared toward nail art and not nail polish.

There were in-booth demonstrations, class room education, and competitions, but what we really wanted to see were the new collections (i.e. OPI Texas for Spring/Summer 2011, etc.) and that wasn't happening.  If you wanted to learn more about gel nails, this was your place.  Almost, every booth had some form of colored gel as an offering.

Nail art and crackle-effect nail polish in every color you could imagine, were all the rage.  I picked up a white and a silver - because crackle is really not my thing.  Boring, colors but I thought this would be a good place to start.

OPI, had older colors and it was interesting that the girls in the booth didn't know the collections or if they were discontinued colors, and I had a feeling they knew nothing of the Texas Collection.  The polish offerings that they had were 6/$24 or $4 ea.  What can I say, the price was right - I purchased Comet Loves Cupid from the 2009 holiday collection (can you believe  this is on  sale at Amazon, right now, for $25.99 - that's just ridiculous).

We had the most fun with the China Glaze girls!  They had the latest collections out but it was nothing we hadn't already seen. 

One of the girls was wearing Four Leaf Clover (she's holding a similar color but FLC was not available at the Expo - it's in the core line at Sally's, however).  Again, the price was right, though @ 6/$12.  So, I picked up six: Frostbite, Up All Night, Sexy Silhouette, Make An Entrance, Oxygen, and Fifth Avenue (pictured above).
We also found a booth that had their polishes (Daisy) on sale for $1 each (great quality for the price) and if you buy 5 they would throw a sixth one in for free.  This was refreshing since Nubar had only the Finest Silk Collection available to purchase, everything else was nail arts driven.  

So, to sum it all up, acrylics, gel, and nail art were really the theme of the day.  And though, very few booths had nail polish, they brought their files, and foot baths and every thing in between.   

Though, the nail polish selection wasn't "all that", we had a nice time and as a nail blogger, I think it was something that I just had to experience - if only once!  Have a well-polished day. :)


  1. Wow you got some pretty good deals!
    Thanks for sharing all this!

  2. OMGoodness!!!! Crackles...I would have bought every color!! Thanks so much for sharing :D

  3. Great post and I had a great time as well, we definitely should do it again :)

    The crackles were cheap too,2 for$5, great deal :)

  4. Thanks for the review! So, looks like I didn't miss much. I think I would have been upset to have come down from the AV to find that they didn't have much polish!

  5. @Fer - You are so welcome.

    @rmcandlelight - I was overwhelmed with the amount of crackle polish and then when I looked up the good stuff was gone. A lot of folks felt just like you...

    @Jackie S. - Thanks for making it "eventful".

    @ABOP - It was a "once in a lifetime" experience, if you know what I mean. If I was by myself it would have been a bust for me...


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