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Thursday, September 9, 2010

IN THE NEWS: Quality Mommy and Me Time?

The following article is thanks to my friend who knows I'm a lover of all things nail polish. Looks like potential for some real Mommy and Me time, however, the price tag below is a bit steep for the everyday consumer.

Everyone and "their mother" is jumping on the nail polish bandwagon these days!  Though this is a cute idea in theory, personally, I think that any old bottle of polish will do for some quality time with the little one.

"You knew you were in trouble when she ditched her crayons and coloring books for bright polishes. But you didn’t think the day would come so soon. Don’t fret. Hopscotch Kids‘ new non-toxic, water-based nail colors are safe for kids all ages.

But just because they’re free of all the bad stuff doesn’t mean they don’t work just as well as other brands. Her nails will pop with fun colors ($13 each) including “Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum in a Dish” and “Red Rover, Red Rover”. Our favorite: The lime-green “Heads Up, Seven Up”.

Even better? The bottles are spill-proof (bye, bye messy floors!) and the nail polish remover ($10) — which is made of a fruit and vegetable derived alcohol — is just as safe."

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  1. OUCH! sticker shock. Cute though. Thanks for sharing

  2. @Jen and 1xellus1: These are cute, huh, I just had to post this.


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