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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Omega Labs - #333 (11/17/2011)

I really wish this lacquer had a proper name but alas it is just called #333.  Alrighty then (lol)...

Color Description: A really nice and cheery lavender that struck me as a bit different from others in my collection leaning towards the pink/blue family which made it a must have.

Similar To: This totally reminded me of Sally Hansen's Delphinium and L'Oreal Delicate Dusk at first glance but after pulling the bottles these two are much duskier/dustier in tone, whereas #333 has no grays in the mix.  May be more in line with OPI Do You Lilac It? but I don't have this one in my collection.

This Look: Two coats of #333 and one coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine. #333 is bit thick so it was difficult to apply but the end result was pretty nice.

Price Point/Availability:  I found this while on vacation and am not sure where else to purchase it.  I checked their website and #333 is not listed (it jumps from 331 to 334) go figure? At any rate, these retail for $7.00 and have lots of other nice lacquers to choose from.

Thanks for stopping by today, oh, and my next post will be "next to nubbins".  My nails always tell me when they're too long by chipping on the corners so I took them down a millimeter or so.  I love to rock dark shades with shorter nails so can't wait to where something new soon!
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