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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Many Faces of MAC Bad Fairy (10/26/2010)

BF at window with much maneuvering.
I now reveal the many faces of Bad Fairy, as I see it.  I promised myself I would try MAC's BF with a full mani before returning it to Nordstrom. 

When I first swatched it the duochrome was not easily identifiable or in your face, like I thought it would be.  But that was only on one finger...
This is the way BF looks 90% of the ti

This Look: 1 coat: SH Hard As Wraps base coat; 3 coats: MAC Bad Fairy; and 1 coat: SH Mega Shine topcoat.

What's the verdict? Indoors (90% of the time) this color looks like a dark rose foil; that's it and that's all!  So, with that, I'm still not 100% in love.  Once I get outside in the sunlight I will make my final decision to return or not to return.  

Here is one more window shot for your viewing pleasure.  I am almost certain that to get the most enjoyment from BF you will need to be outdoors (a lot).  

Alrighty, then!  Off to see the duochrome - or not.  Will update post with my ♥ or not to ♥.  Have a well-polished day:)


  1. I think its pretty, another blogger just discovered that it has a DUPE...OPI DS Perfection!

    I have the OPI so I am passing on this one, but I think its worth keeping, it will be awesome in the summer time.

    I didn't know you could return polish to Nordies?...sweet!

  2. This one sold out before I could get my hands on it :( Sheshhh

  3. @Jackie S. - I was trying to figure out why it looked sooo familiar! As I was doing my mani today, I said, "this reminds me of one of my DS's..."

    But then dismissed the idea and then thought I would do a comparison to figure it out in a few days. Thanks sooo much for saving me the work. This is helpful information...

  4. It's gorgeous, wish I had it :)
    *writes down DS Perfection

  5. Yah, it's always disappointing when you see fabulous swatches and then realize the bling only comes out with the sun. I think it's pretty, but if you've already got the dupe, then might as well return.


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