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Saturday, August 21, 2010

CLOSE-UP: My JetMax Mani Station aka Melmer

Okay, so here I am, once again with the Melmer!  I absolutely ♥ these things...  This Jetmax unit consists of three 3-drawer cubes and one 4-shelf cube, as well as, a Desktop (which comes in a pack of two).

I find artistic expression in painting my nails and this is the perfect pallet for my creativity!

These are Jetmax cubes from Michael's (aka Melmer Unit).   This unit allows for horizontal and vertical storage and drawers keep your workspace looking neat.  This is a craft room set-up that I use as a "mani-station".  We can get a little crafty when it comes to our nails can't we ladies?

You will also notice a blotting pad or plastic backed nail care towel.  I use this when cleaning up my manicure; this also helps with any little spills that may occur, protecting the surface of my table top.  These are called HandsDown Ultra by Graham Professional (packaging pics to be placed in another post).

Hope this post finds you well-polished! 


  1. Love your setup. I only have one Melmer which holds all my excess of base coats, treatments and highend polishes. I need another one. lol!!

    I need to get some of these handdowns :)

  2. @rmcandlelight - you definitely need to get some of these! Another little known item rarely "discussed" but very useful.

  3. Just got back from the hospital yesterday, so having to "rest". Thanks for your message. Awesome to see you finally decided to start a blog!

  4. @ABOP - Yes, please rest. Thanks for your support and with next month being my 1-year MUA anniversary I needed an outlet for all of my trials and errors this past year. This should be interesting.

  5. Wow! You are "high post". LOL

    I nominated you for an award on my blog

    No pressure to "pay it fwd". I know not everyone has the time to participate. Just wanted you to know about it. Hoping it adds to your increase.

  6. @1xellus1 - You see all of those pretties (lol)? I have much inspiration... Thank you for the award. This is my first one and I so appreciate it!


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