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Friday, December 16, 2011

Sally Hansen - Gray Area (12/16/2011)

Has it almost been a month since my last post?  Where did the time go?  Well, it's been a busy month betweem the job hunt, a wedding, a funeral and life in general - let's just say, "things have really been going on!" I have been, however, polishing my nails.  

So what have you missed?  OPI's Warm & Fozzie - I just couldn't take it off and wore it for two weeks straight! Also, really liked OPI's Designer De Better.  I will have posts of these soon.  Now on to what I'm wearing today.  Sally Hansen's Gray Area which is inspired from a handbag that I purchased recently from the Junior Drake Warehouse sale.

Junior Drake - Gia
Color Description: Is it gray? Is it purple? Is it taupe? It's a "Gray Area" is what it is.  It's very unique as far as creme lacquers go and it's very wearable.  Stays in the dark family but does not go black indoors - nice!

Similar To: This is the creme version of Chanel Paradoxal and Dare To Wear's Fortune.  A very rich looking color, indeed.

OTT Lite with Light Box
This Look: One coat of Starting Over After Artificials, two coats of Gray Area and one coat of Shine & Hold.

Price Point/Availability: I'm almost certain that this is in Sally Hansen's core line and can be found at most drugstore's for no more than $2.99.

Now if you can imagine this dark gray handbag that in certain light looks like the picture below which is some sort of grayish purple - this is what the Gia bag in Shadow looks like.  

More about Junior Drake coming soon!  One of my favorite handbag designers of 2010-2011...

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