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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Debbilia - #51 (Chartreuse)

Incandescent Lighting
Another popular color this season is chartreuse and although some say it's a difficult to wear, I feel daring, bold and will be wearing this with a suit the exact same color later on today at a special event. 

Color Description:  Debbilia #51 is a very regal and interesting color.  It is a  chartreuse or lime green shimmer with gold and pink undertones - stunning.  

Similar To: Looks extremely similar to OPI Simply Smashing from Serena's line.  It also puts me in the mind of OPI Who The Shrek Are You or Fingerpaint's Lucky in Love Lime, however, the finish is totally different.  Not sure if there's anything out there exactly like this - I haven't seen it, at least.

This Look: One coat of Miss Marion's White Super Basecoat, two coats of #51 and one coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine.

Price Point/Availability:  I picked this up at the Debbilia beauty supply store that is no longer open.  I went back one day and it was GONE.  I think this cost me all of $1...  I tried to google it and the old address comes up *iz sad*.

Thanks for reading my jibber-jabber and hope you like this color.  If anyone knows another color like this on the market, please leave your comment below.  Also, what do you think about this?  Is it too bright for you or would you totally rock this?  Let me know!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Essie - Meet Me At Sunset (4/27/2011)

Orange is one of the hottest trends of this Spring/Summer and Essie hit the nail on the head with Meet Me At Sunset (MMAS) from their 2011 Summer Collection: Color Me Braziliant!  

Color Description:  Essie describes MMAS an "intense flamigo citrine", I say, google "safety orange" and you'll get its overall feel.  But don't feel as if you have to play it safe and pass this one by, it's definitely a wearable orange.

Similar To:  I compared a few orange-reds from my collection here and the bottom line was that MMAS has the most vivid orange hue of them all!  These are all close: OPI - Big Hair Big Nails, Essie - Meet Me At Sunset, OPI - Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It, Borghese - Castello Cherry and Love & Beauty - Coral.

This Look:  One coat of Starting Over After Artificials, two coats of MMAS (definitely could've used a third) and on coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine.

Price Point/Availability:  Essie retails for $8 at some drugstores and select salon locations.  I really like the fact that CVS is now selling these and I can use my ExtraBucks to purchase them.

Now orange you glad you can be fabulous for as little as $8?  Nail polish is just a little way to introduce trends into your wardrobe and I'm all for that.  Let me know which Summer Essie's you're picking up this season.  Stay well-polished and TTYS!

Q&D - Essie Meet Me At Sunset Comps

We've all been noticing Essie's 2011 Summer Collection: Color Me Braziliant pop up in various drugstores.  Well, while out and about today I picked up two: Meet Me At Sunset (index finger) and Smooth Sailing (the periwinkle shimmer).  

First up we have quick and dirty swatches to  compare Meet Me At Sunset (MMAS) with other similar colors.  As you see I love orange-red cremes but MMAS is a stand out!  

In this pic from thumb to pinky, you have: 
  • OPI - Big Hair Big Nails (thumb), 
  • Essie - Meet Me At Sunset (index), 
  • OPI - Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It (middle), 
  • Borghese - Castello Cherry (ring) and 
  • Love & Beauty - Coral (pinky)

Now for the bottle pics (in the same order as above) you will see how close they appear.  Please note, though, that none are dead-on dupes, due to their slight nuances.  I can't really pick a favorite but I do know that I will enjoy wearing each and every one of these this season!

I will say this, however, Essie MMAS has the most vivid orange hue and will be my next mani;  for a complete review of this check back a little later.  Hope this helps you make your decision on purchasing the new Summer Essie Meet Me At Sunset (or not) and if you have any questions on where these can be purchased please let me know.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

LaRosa Shatter Crackle - Sea Weed (4/26/2011)

Behold LaRosa's Crackle Shatter lacquer in Sea Weed.  My beauty supply store highly recommended this over  Black Shatter.  So I put Black Shatter back and picked up four of these babies: Hot Red, Maroon Red, Deep Black and Sea Weed.

Color Description:  Fine crackle pattern that looks great on short nails in a pure turquoise blue that dries matte.  

Similar To:  Reminds me of China Glaze's For Audrey (can you believe I don't own this color?).  I have no other color in my collection like this.

This Look:  One thin coat of Sea Weed over OPI's Not Like The Movies (second version) with two coats of Sally Hansen Mega Shine.

Price Point/Availability:  I found this at my beauty supply store, however, there are a few etailers that carry LaRosa Crackle Shatter lacquers.

Have you ever heard of this brand?  I hadn't until a few weeks ago. Overall, I think this was a nice find!  Thanks for stopping by...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

OPI - Not Like The Movies (4/23/2011)

Hello there my pretties!  Today I'm going to a baby shower at a country club (nice!), so I wanted to wear something exceptionally pretty for the occasion.  Well, Katy Perry's Not Like The Movies was just screaming, "wear me, wear me!". 

Color Description:  
While my version has virtually no violet/pink undertones, it definitely is a duochrome that changes from a beautiful silver to a lovely shimmering green.  Oh, and I can't forget the silver micro-shimmers that take this color over the top.  

Similar To:  The original version has been compared to Wet N Wild's Gray's Anatomy and this one puts me in the mind of OPI Brand New Skates in certain lighting (so pretty)!  

This Look:   One coat of Starting Over After Artificials, three coats of Not Like The Movies, and one coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine. 

Price Point/Availability:  I found mine in the JC Penney Salon where it retails for $8.00.  Although this is a Limited Edition color, you can still find this online and at other Salon locations.   

I believe this is the second batch to be released but I can't be too sure.  What I have been noticing, however, is that if your batch number on the bottom starts with a 10 then you have the first batch and if it starts with an 11 then more than likely you have the second batch.   

Last Thought:
Even though Not Like The Movies will, more than likely, go down in history as OPI's biggest debacle of 2011, I'm glad to own this version. 

What do you think of this color and which version do you have?  Better yet, what number is on the bottom of your bottle?  Do tell...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

DESIGNER SERIES: OPI - DS Original (4/6/2011)

What can I say other than, "Why did it take me so long to wear this?"  It is to die for indoors, outdoors, while sleeping - lol!

Color Description:  Described as, "gorgeous, glistening plum" by OPI, DS Original is a light purple almost lavendar holographic, which reflects every color of the rainbow in all lighting - dim or otherwise.

Similar To:   If I were to compare this to anything it would be nail foil.  My nails look unreal as if they've been foiled - nail foil, that's it and that's all.  There are some other excellent holos out there like the Catherine Arley's but I don't own any of them.

This Look:  One coat of Starting Over After Artificials, two coats of OPI DS Original and one coat of OPI DS Top Coat.

Price Point/Availability:  DS Original is discontinued but can still be found online and at some salons that keep older stock.  If found it will definitely retail for $12.50 or higher.

Talk to you well-polished ladies at a later date!  Oh and it's wearing well, too...  Polished them Tuesday night, did housework (getting the house ready for next week's guests) all Wednesday and not one chip - PRETTY AMAZING (pun intended - lol).

Monday, April 4, 2011

Zoya - Kimmy (Summer Sunshine Collection 2011)

Color Description:  Zoya Kimmy is serious fire on my fingertips!  This color is from the Zoyas new Sunshine collection and they got this one 100% right.  This reminds me of the core of the sun while Zoya Faye (my previous post) reminds me of a beautiful Summer sunset.  This is a super gorgeous orange red with lots of golden micro-glittler.  It's a WINNER!

Similar To:  I went to my collection to check out Orly's Cherry Bomb, as well as, Maybelline's Red Hot Reds (pic from audraelena on MUA).  The actual color of each are very similar, but finish and application are different. Red Hot Reds could qualify as a dupe if it wasn't so thin (it takes at least 4 coats to get to 1 coat of Kimmy), while Cherry Bomb is a frost/shimmer with no micro-glitter taking away from the "wow-factor!"

This Look: One coat of Starting Over After Artificials, two coats of Kimmy and one coat of Shine & Hold topcoat.

Price Point/Availability:  Zoyas Sunshine collection is available in salons and online for $8.  Orly's Cherry Bomb can be found at Sally Beauty Supply and Red Hot Reds by Maybelline is discontinued but has been popping up at Big Lots and Dollar Trees nationwide.

Well, talk to you later on in the week!  What were your well-polished selections from the Zoya Sunshine Collection?
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