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Thursday, October 28, 2010

VERDICT: MAC Bad Fairy (to ♥ or not to ♥)

Well, I'm keeping her!  My thumb nail chipped today so I decided to re-do both thumbs in OPI DS Perfection.  While they are similar, on me, they are no where near dupes.  I'm almost embarrased to walk out of the house with a mismatched mani.  However, unless someone is really checking out my hands they won't notice a thing. 

This Look: 3 coats of each Bad Fairy on fingers and DS Perfection on thumb.  The OPI is much pinker and lighter than the MAC.  BF definitely has much more depth and range of color on me.

So with that said, while it's not ♥, it's definitely a keeper...

Hope this helps someone out there stay well-polished!


  1. Great post! They both look great on you, but I understand why you will be keeping it :)

  2. Way to follow up! And hey, the fact that you don't love BF now doesn't mean you won't later :)

  3. You could say it's a subtle "Blackberry mani", with your non-matching thumb. :)

  4. Thanks for your comments ladies! So funny, I literally just put down my acetone to write this. Changing my mismatched mani, as we speak (lol). TTYS :)

  5. i actually think it looked really nice with the thumb different colour! i want to try that on purpose now!


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