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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

DESIGNER SERIES: OPI DS Glamour (10/19/2010)

OPI's Designer Series has been described as jewels for your nails and DS Glamour definitely does not disappoint!  

This royal holographic, prismatic beauty is a stunner and it's taken far to long to wear it...  The application goes on pretty sheer so I decided to layer it over an older Revlon called Typhoon.

Glamour was released in February 2007 and Typhoon dates back to 2003 or before.  Both were picked up this year at mom & pop type beauty supplies.  At any rate, they are a great compliment to each other.  

I like the idea of "stretching" my nicer colors by layering them on top of a similar color so that I won't use as much.  And this combo looks like it was made for each other :).
This Look: 1 coat of Typhoon, 2 coats of Glamour and 1 coat of Mega Shine.

Do you have Typhoon or Glamour?  What are you thoughts?  

Stay well-polished and for some of you stay dry (Los Angeles residents).  It's a gloomy rainy Tuesday but my mani will keep my mood up, I'm sure :).


  1. SO pretty! I loove blue!!! I still don't have any of the designer series, maybe this should be my first!

  2. hi,
    very nice
    i also use mega shine ;]

  3. @Fer - This should be in every lover of blue's collection :)

    @Paulina - Isn't Mega Shine the best. Quiet as kept, I like it better than SV. There's no shrinkage - none at all, it dries fast and it's uber-shiny!

  4. ooooooo absolutely stunning blue! am definitely going to try layering with the DS series :) ive had trouble with megashine, always found that it made some polishes peel :( but my aunt swears by it, personally seche vite works wonders for me, i really think top coat is such a personal thing, it amazes me how different top coats react to different nails :)

  5. this rocks! i really want this awesome blue!

  6. hi
    nice blog!
    maybe you'll pass by mine and follow it too?


  7. Wow! This is the one DS polish I want but haven't found yet. So lovely! Hmmm... I wonder if I could franken something similar... Have a great day today - even though it's even more gloomy than yesterday :(

  8. Your nails look great. OPIis a great polish.

  9. This is one of favorites!

    Hey there is a holo version of MPJ on ebay, email me if you want the link.

  10. Thanks everybody! I really appreciate the comments :)

    @Jackie S. - I'll email you; it's worth a look-see but I've never purchased polish from eBay...


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