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Thursday, February 10, 2011

OPI - San Tan-Tonio

The Texas Collection has landed and I've gotten my hands on 7 of them...  Yeah, I went a little ballistic!!!  But anywhooo, today I am showcasing San Tan-Tonio.  

When I first saw this collection I knew this baby would be coming home with me and then I saw the OPI "Sorbet" aka Jelly video I thought, oh man, I NEED the entire collection, well almost.

Color Description:  Described as a Honey Brown, San Tan-Tonio, is a great color for Women of Color, those of us who are naturally brown/tan, or tanned otherwise - lol.  On me, this is as close to "mannequin hands" as I've seen.  It's a true tan with no pink undertones. A nice neutral, easy color.

Similar To: Nothing...  from my OPI collex, that is.  You may think you have a dupe but think again!  For your reference, I've included a bottle comp pic, you will find (l to r) San Tan-Tonio, Barefoot in Barcelona, Dulce de Leche, and Tickle My France-y.  

I thought these had similarities, but to my surprise, all but San Tan-Tonio have different levels of pink undertones.  We have a stand-alone color here, ladies! 

This Look:  I'm in a rush this morning but I didn't want to go another day with nekkid nails, so I didn't apply a base coat.  This is two coats of San Tan-Tonio and my fastest top coat of them all, Shine and Hold.

Price Point/Availabilty:  This retails for $8.50 and if you decide to shell out the ducats (i.e. cash money) for this color, you will not be disappointed.  Readily availabe online and popping up in various "brick and mortars" starting last week (2/2/2011) so keep your eye out for them.

Gotta go but have a great one and can't wait to talk to you, well-polished peeps, soon. :)
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