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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Essie Little Brown Dress (F/W 2010 Collection)

lighting: light box (true color)
I've had this gorgeous nail lacquer, Essie Little Brown Dress, for a while and I'm wearing it today because I purchased OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys and thought, "I must wear the old before I wear the new!"

lighting:  incandescent lamp
Color Description:  Little Brown Dress is a rich chocolate shade and has the perfect name because if it were any darker it would be called Little Black Dress. :)  This deep brown's application was awesome and to be so dark, I didn't have a problem with it flooding my cuticle area or being difficult to clean up.

Similar To:  Very similar, if not an exact match for Revlon's Hot For Chocolate and as mentioned above, close but not a dupe for OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys, which is a bit lighter than Little Brown Dress.

lighting:  halogen light
This Look:  Base coat is Color Club's Stuck On You, with two coats of Little Black Dress and a new top coat I'm trying out from a local beauty supply called Z Super Fast Dry.  It dried in seconds (yay!), is super shiny (yay!), but we'll see about longevity/lasting wear of this top coat in a few days. EDIT: This topcoat is not very long wearing and scratches easily - boooo!

Price Point/Availability: Essie Little Brown Dress can be found online and in some retailers for $8.00.

Well, it's getting late and I'm super tired so I'm going to say goodnight to all of you well-polished ladies.  Please let me know your thoughts. :)
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