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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kleancolor 231 - Chunky Holo Scarlet over OPI - A Man In Every Port-ugal (07/14/2011)

Window Lighting
Kleancolor is really "knocking it out the park" with their Chunky Holo series of nail lacquers!  Today we have Scarlet and she's a true beaut...

Color Description:  The perfect layering glitter, Scarlet, has a multi-chromatic golden-orange glitter suspended in bright red sheer jelly syrup-like lacquer and could easily be worn alone.  I already had on OPI's AMIEP and wanted to freshen it up so I picked up Scarlet and went to town.  And yes, after you paint your nails with Scarlet, you will want to go on a night on the town, literally!

Halogen Lighting
Similar To:  Well, ladies, if you couldn't get your hands on Essie Ruby Slippers (which is discontinued) then you need to run out and pick up Scarlet.  These are similar in effect except for the fact that the Essie was a bit bumpy while Kleancolor's formula is smooth.  Wet n' Wild also came out with a red glitter last Winter called Extravaganza which was a bit more opaque but was gorgeous, just the same.  I ♥ red glitters!!!

OTT Light
This Look:  
One coat of Scarlet over my existing mani, topped with one coat of Sally Hansen's Mega Shine.

Price Point/Availability:  If you can find these in a local beauty supply, that's your best bet; I've seen them for as low as $1.00. They are also available at Kleancolors website for $3.49 (+ tax and $8 an shipping charge).  Gas is so expensive you might just want to purchase online than hunting for them at you local beauty supplies.  Your choice but worth it either way! :)

Incandescent Lighting
(over gold)
No matter what the brand, with the right top and base coat your nails will be fabulous.  Check out my Nail Treatments and Essentials tab so that you can find out my tips and tricks to keep my nails chip free and lovely.  Take care!
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