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Monday, January 3, 2011

Zoya Madness - Swatches

Just thought I'd chime in to the recent Facebook Zoya "Like" Us Offer  madness!  Well, they've surpassed their goal and now will have to come good on the actual offer: 3 FREE Zoyas for the cost of shipping.  I learned today that it actually costs $6.95 may still cost about $3.50 for 3 bottles; that's a pretty good deal!

So to help you all decide I'm posting swatches of my Zoyas, 10 to be exact!  And, believe me you, I've been checking all of your Zoya pics out to help me decide which ones I should get.  So many colors and so little time to decide.  Well, here goes it:







Ki (bottle pic flash)





Well, now it's for you to decide!  All of these were taken in my "light box" except for the the bottle pic of Ki (isn't she beautiful?).  I find that the light box pics give a soft, pretty daytime lighting effect.  I will have a post on what I use for my light box in the near future.

The 3 Zoya's I am thinking of adding to my collection will more than likely be from this list:

Yasmeen, Lael, Kotori, Mimi, Zara, Indigo and Akyra.  

Which ones do you recommend?  I'm open to suggestions and if you have a link of the pic, by all means, go ahead and add it!  Talk to you well-polished lacquer connoisseurs later!
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