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Friday, January 21, 2011

China Glaze LOL (01/21/2011)

w/ Camera Flash

What can I say about LOL from the OMG Collection, but WOW!!!  This polish truly glows from within and is a pleasure to look at minute by minute as it alters in appearance.  And why did it smell like grapes when I was applying it?  Maybe because it was 1:30am - lol!

Color Description:  This just may be the most gorgeous purple I own.  Again, WOW!  LOL is the quintessential purple holographic nail polish.  The rainbow/oil slick effect is evident in both indoor and outdoor lighting.  This is a very wearable purple, not outlandish, at all!

w/ Light Box
Similar To:  Daytime indoors with out any lights on, believe it or not,  LOL reminds me of OPI's Purple With A Purpose; very glowy.  However, when you turn the lights on get ready for the show!  This has also be compared to the new purple Tronica offering, Gamer Glam, which I can't wait to see IRL.  I've also recently seen it compared, most accurately to, Color Club's Wild at Heart on MUA.  Though, these have different finishes (linear v. scattered), they're definitely both "purple holos".

w/ Lamp Light

This Look:  Again, a little TLC was needed, so I used Starting Over After Artificials, as a base coat.  Two coats of LOL were carefully applied; even though the application of OMG's are a bit easier than Tronicas, they both can be "a drag" to apply.  When I say "drag" I mean that one coat can be lifted and removed by the second if you're not careful to let it dry a bit between coats.  This look was topped off with one of my all-time favorites Sally Hansen Mega Shine topcoat.

Taken Outdoors

Price Point/Availability:  As the OMG Collection is now discontinued, these may be available on MUA as swap items, as well as at a few vendors online, including Ebay.  You also may be able to find these in some older beauty supply stores that are affectionately call, "dusties".

Well, I'm very glad to have my computer back and will be able to post a bit more frequently (maybe :)...  Thanks so much for taking a look and commenting and have a well-polished weekend!

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