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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Del Sol Ruby Slipper (01/09/2011)

I love, love, love this nail polish.  It's so much fun to wear that I felt like I was back in grade school showing all of my friends its wonderment.  Del Sol Ruby Slipper changes color in the sun and is not to be confused with mood changing nail polishes.  It encourages you to get out in the sun and get active, but in any light it is absolutely gorgeous.

Color Description:  In the bottle, Ruby Slipper is a silver glitter.  On my nails indoors it's a platinum, almost pale gold beauty and outdoors, in full on sunlight, it's a beautiful ruby red.  Each bottle has a hibiscus flower on the front and this is the color that it will change to in the sun.  It really works!

Similar To:  As mentioned above, one could say it would be similar to the mood changing polishes on the market, but I really think Del Sol has the market cornered with dozens of colors and finishes to choose from and the "get up, get out and do something" factor.  This polish awesome!  Del Sol makes hats and watches, and you name it, all for the active lifestyle...  I need some of that in my life. :)

This Look:  Patience is preferred when applying this glitter.  It's very fine and sheer with the first coat so I did four coats (no base), with one coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine (optional).  This was not a gritty, bumpy glitter, but went on smooth.  I only put on a topcoat so that it wouldn't chip!

Price Point:  Online these are going for $10 per bottle and just until recently were being sold at Walgreens for $8 ea.  Recently, Walgreens has changed their pricing strategy and are selling them 3/$10 or $4 ea.  I picked a few for me, some for my nieces and took three of my friends to Walgreens where the purchased "a few" for their girls and themselves.

Thanks again and see you real soon!  If you have any "well-polished" questions, feel free to ask and I will get back with you... :)
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