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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jessie's Fire Fly over Orly Winter Wonderland (01/06/2011)

Color Description: Winter Wonderland is an icy glass-flecked delight with white iridescence, while Fire Fly has green and yellow iridescence and has more of a foil finish.

Similar To: Fire Fly has been compared to China Glaze's new Spring 2011 offering, White Cap, as well as, the Too Faced for Ulta, Sugar Cookie.  I believe that while Sugar Cookie is similar, Fire Fly has a bit more green going on than either of these comparisons.

This Look:  Two Coats of Starting Over After Artificials (base coat), two Coats of Orly Winter Wonderland, one coat of Jessie's Girl Fire Fly and one coat Shine & Hold (topcoat from local beauty supply).

Price Point: Orly Winter Wonderland was sold at Sally Beauty Supply for about $6 per bottle, however, you may be able to find this clearanced out at your local store.  As far as Fire Fly is concerned, these have just hit the market in Southern California at local Rite Aids and are sold for $3.

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