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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Revlon - Just Tinted in Mystical (05/31/2011)

w/ topcoat
After my whirlwind of a weekend, I decided to take things down a few notches with Revlon’s new Just Tinted lacquer in Mystical.  Other than how to describe the color, there’s nothing too mysterious about this polish, so the name is definitely a misnomer, in my book.

w/o topcoat

Color Description:  My first thought is to say Mystical is a pale prune or raspberry!  I asked my husband and he said, “sherbet”.  Mind you, he knows nothing of lacquer types (i.e. jellies or sorbets), so I laughed and thought, prune sherbet, it is!  However, raspberry sherbet is more appetizing, so we'll go with that...  Nonetheless, it is a very conservative color, I might add.

w/ topcoat
Similar To:  I know of no other prune sherbets on the market.  I compared Mystical to my Texas sorbets (jellies) from OPI and the few that were close where much brighter.  So, no this one is special in that I have nothing else like it.

This Look:  One coat of Starting Over After Artificials, one coat of Barielle’s Camouflage, four coats of Mystical and one coat of Shine and Hold.

w/o topcoat

Price Point/Availability:   The Just Tinted collection is retailing right around $5.00 but I found this Sunday (5/29/11) at Rite Aid on sale.  Right now, all Revlon enamels are $2.99.  I’ve only seen these at Rite Aid, so far.

Googled Raspberry Sherbet
Googled Prune Jelly :)
What do you think about the Just Tinted collection?  Me?  I love the application, very smooth and buildable.  No bubbling with four coats.  Color-wise, it’s a nice office color but it’s definitely not love.  Have a good one…
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