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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cover Girl - Spiced Tea (01/10/2012)

After wearing many of the dark colors for this season, I found Spiced Tea to be a nice palette cleanser.  This is my first time  wearing Cover Girl lacquer and I'm pleasantly surprised.  This is one of their Continuous Color 3-in-1 lacquers that boasts of a, Base + Lasting Color + Topcoat all in one.  I put it to the test and it actually works!

Color Description: Champagne/tan foiled lacquer with shimmering pale blue and silver flecks.  Even more beautiful on the nail than in the bottle, Spiced Tea is a great neutral for all skin types, so, if you come across this give it a try.

Similar To:  Though it's a different base color, Ulta's Spice Drop is similar in finish and color in certain lighting.

This Look:  Three coats of Spiced Tea - that's it and that's all.

Price Point/Availability: This was Limited Edition and the first reviews I could find on this was back in 2005 so it's definitely discontinued.  However, I'm sure you've seen the double-pack nail polish at your local dollar store, well, that's where I recently found this in a pack along with a light blue lacquer in the same finish called Crushed Ice.

Have a great Tuesday! Off to go job-hunting now...  This job market is treacherous but I'm pretty tenacious and not gonna stop looking.
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